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Everest Base Camp trek difficulty and few tips before you book EBC trek

Everest Base Camp trek difficulty and few tips before you book EBC trek

Everest base camp trek is the dream destination for people all around the world. So every year thousands of people choose the best time to trek in the Everest region. Because of the higher altitude, it won't be effortless to adjust in the new environment. Even there are some difficulties in Everest trek; people are joining such incredible adventurous detention in Nepal.

Every people have a passion for touching the foot of Everest, but some of them went to concurred the peak of the world's highest mountain. Many people have success by their passion and dedication, but some of them are not able to touch the destination because of some sort of awkward to trek in higher altitude problems.

If you are physically fit, healthy, and some walking experience can work to trek in Everest base camp trek.

Usually, many tourists are curious to know how challenging the Everest base camp trek is. We always reply, it is a problematic trekking trail, if you have such passion and dedication you can trek. But you have to follow shorten rules in daily life; you will accomplish such an adventurous journey.

Highlights of the Everest base camp trek

  • Experience the scenic flight world highest place airport Kathmandu to Lukla
  • Explore the world heritage site Sagarmatha/Everest national park
  • Trek to the world most top Mount Everest base camp
  • Eye witnessing view of Mount Everest and many more peak
  • Explore the Sherpa village and community and their unique culture
  • Collecting the memory of Buddhist monastery culture and art
  • Trek leads the Khumbu glacier and beautiful Khumbu valley

What makes the Everest base camp trek difficult?

Everest base camp trek is the most popular trekking sight in the world. Everest base camp is located at the height of 5353m and the super viewpoint of Everest on Kalapathar 5535m from the sea level. Somehow it will be difficult to reach on a destination:

01 distance of the trek

Everest base camp trek is a vital part of the trekking region in Nepal. It lies in a world heritage site in Sagarmatha national park. It covers along the way to the whole trip to Everest conservation.

The estimated round trip from Lukla to base camp is around 130km. The journey begins from higher altitude 2834m, so hard to pass way for the ordinary people because of the altitude.

The trek can be accomplished generally on 12/14 days. The walking distance per day 10/12 Km. So it makes it quite hard to walk along the way. Sometimes we have to climb an off beaten trekking trail descending and ascending the hill. You have to mind make up such wilderness trek has no paved road — lack of oxygen in higher altitude, hard to climb a path.

So distance will be determined in Everest base camp trek difficulty.

02 Higher Altitude

A higher altitude is one of the significant factors of Everest base camp trek. Some of them easily replay the altitude problem is nothing, we can adjust, but this is not good things, you have to take care of the problem of higher altitude. It will help us overcome this problem.

Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is one of the risk factors of the Everest base camp trek. We have to find out the symptoms of altitude sickness and go through the prevention. Preventions are the batter then care.

While starting a journey, we had to think about acclimatization in the new environment as well as higher altitude trekking. You have to have hygienic food, and sufficient drinking helps us to overcome the more top altitude problem.

Thus, it would play a significant role in the Everest base camp trek.

03 Lack of Training

Trekking in the Himalayan region is a challenging job, which demands proper preparation. Everest base camp trek doesn't undermasted because of the world's highest trekking trail in Nepal.

While starting such an adventurous journey, we have to proper planning and proper training

04 Unforeseeable Weather

Everest base camp is a higher altitude trek, so we may not be able to an astonishing view of nature and mountain. Weather can be changed at any time because of the unfavorable climate zone. Along the way may face the snowing on the higher altitude, and the lower part may rain, which can disturb our journey and a beautiful view of the Himalayan range.

During the trek, night time is much colder than the day time. So first time trekker was surprised by the increasing the temperature heading towards the altitude trek.

05 Healthy Food and Proper Diet

The healthy food and proper diet are essential in Everest base camp trek. Because of the new environment, we have to digest food and adjust to food and drinking items. This is a higher altitude trek, and some of the food is brought from the far from the market, so it may take time to bring on that food becoming poisoning.

We don't want to use meet and alcoholic items during the trek. We suggest our guest that makes improper food for the higher altitude and undigested our body, and that makes a difficulty on Everest base camp trek.

You have to eat local food in a local restaurant. They make regular basis Nepali food, including rice, lentils, and curry (Dal, Bhat, Tarkari). The food is hygienic and maintains our body healthy and active to walk a long time.

You have to drink sufficient water; it will be safe from the dehydrated our body on altitude. If you are conscious about the food and healthy habit, you will catch your dream destination, Everest base camp trek.

06 Delay Flight of the Lukla

Lukla airport is located in between substantial hilly mountains. So it will hard to land safely in adverse weather conditions. It is a mechanical part of the landing ground. The weather of Lukla is unpredictable because of the higher altitude, which makes our flight delayed or canceled.

Mainly the off-season time Lukla weather visibility was not excellent, and we could not fly over the destination. Thus you have to choose peak season of the trek, although we could not predict the Everest base camp trekking in season time.

We hope your journey many not face such hindrance during the period of the world's highest place trekking.

07 Guide and porter

You are planning to trek in Everest base camp trek; you must have hired a guide porter service. Lake of guidance, you will lose away along the trek. Because of leadership, you will get information and idea to touch the destination very adventurous way.

You might be facing some problem during the trek if you don't hire a guide. The guide will be work as a facilitator as well as he knows very well about the higher altitude problem. And he will give some tips to overcome the altitude problem and acclimatization.

For the trek, you have to carry a lot of things to save our bodies. So you might be taking a heavy load, and adventure will not be pleasant and memorable. So porter will be carrying all the things and journey gone be fruitful. Tiredness and dehydration are the factors of altitude sickness problems.

Thus guidance and porter are the significant elements for the Everest base camp trek. It makes a fantastic journey for the traveler.

Best time to Everest base camp trek

The best time trekking to Everest base camp is spring (March/May) and autumn (September/November). Usually, the trekking season can be categories two times in a year. These season weather and temperature stable and unobstructed view of natural beauty. You had an experience super astonishing clear view of the Himalaya range and less humid environment.

The season in winter is snowing at the higher altitude and very hard to walk because of the cold. Very few tea houses are open along the trail. Despite some hurdles, you may well prepare the unexpected circumstances on higher altitude; your adventurous journey becomes a lifetime memory.

Few tips for the Everest base camp trek

If you are looking best trekking destination, Everest will be a fantastic destination in the world. Everest base camp trek is a breathtaking view of snowcapped three eight thousand above the mountain as well as many more peaks.

So we had like to show some tips for the Everest base camp trek areas flows;

  • Use professional trekking company
  • Choose best trekking route
  • Proper acclimatization
  • Aware of the high altitude sickness
  • Make appropriate reserve accommodation
  • Full insurance cover the whole trip
  • You have to come with spare time
  • Watch out daily weather forecasts during the trek
  • Take care about the unfavorable weather condition in Himalaya
  • Higher altitude getting higher off the daily expense
  • Avoid alcohol during more top altitude trek and drink plenty of water out from dehydration.

Frequently ask questions about EBC Trek

How hard is it Everest base camp trek?

We often get such a question about trekking in the Everest region. Honestly, I had like to say the moderate and adventurous journey to the base camp trek. If you are physically fit and steady flow the rules of higher altitude trek, you will achieve a goal.

You have to walk own pace and to have acclimatization during the Everest base camp trek; it will adjust your body in a new environment and reach on base camp.

You are not going to climb a peak or mountain, so you have the basic idea of it. Mostly the mountain trail gentle grading. Yes, we have to walk some parts descending and ascending the hill. There we don't need to technique things like crampons, ropes, or any technical equipment or skills. But you have the necessary ability to trek under challenging situations like snowing, altitude problems.

How long does it take time in Everest base camp trek?

Time will depend upon the time frame of our client. Everest base camp trek will finish within 12/14 days round trip.

There are many routes of trekking in Everest region like Gokyo valley, three pass trek, and you have to add extra more days similarly 5/6 days. Otherwise, you can make it shorter on for the Everest view trek, who does not have sufficient time in Nepal.

You must come with extra more days because of the bad weather; you may not be available on the returned flight from Lukla.

How we fit with Everest base camp trek?

Fitness is an essential part of the trek, you don't need to standard marathon pace, but you will enjoy the trek. Another part of fitness is dedication and passion towards the trek. In general, we have to walk around 4/5 hours a day with the lightweight of bag packs.

Most of the time, walking early in the morning and take rest and chili walking will be beneficial to walk in Everest base camp trek.

If you are caring about the altitude problem and acclimatization on time, it will very easy to walk in the Everest region. And you will adjust to a new environment and fit with the Everest base camp trek.

Is it a dangerous trek in Everest base camp?

If you are using proper guidance and a government-affiliated company, it will not be dangerous and hard for the trip to Everest base camp trek.

Have you flow the rest time along the way, good food and proper acclimation on higher altitude will be the best treatment for the excellent walking.

Everest base camp trek is the moderate and adventurous trekking trail. If we maintain our itinerary and choose the best trekking company, it will be a fantastic tour and trekking in Nepal.

When is the best time in Everest base camp trek?

There are two best seasons in the Everest base camp in Nepal spring season (March/May) and autumn season (September/ November). These are popular seasons in Nepal because of clear and stable weather.

If you choose the best time to be a trek in Himalaya, it will be an astonishing view of the mountain range as well as natural beauty. Off-season time may be the hindrance of the weather and unfavorable climate zone in the Himalayan region.

Thus, we prefer the best season trek in the Everest base camp. If you want more information, you can visit our website and contact us.


Everest base camp trek difficulty plays a vital role in travelers. Many factors hinder the trekker from fulfilling the dream destination of Everest base camp trek.

During the trip, we may have a face distance, altitude, unfavorable weather food, accommodation, and many other issues that can be raised in the trek. If we are conscious of all these things, we can overcome the problem, and finally, we made a great adventurous awesome trip in the Everest region trek.

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