Elements of a Typical Enterprise Sales Process

Elements of a Typical Enterprise Sales Process

“You don’t close a sale; you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.”

If you chose enterprise sales instead of mid-market or SMB. You probably like challenges to tackle. You make sales here not to companies but with other people. It is not an end to end selling strategy instead it’s a circle that never ends.

Enterprise helps with a lot of money. The smallest enterprise acquires a fortune of $ 5.5B in revenue. The enterprise offers a lot of profit. Enterprise sales targets or deal sizes are way bigger than thought, it helps business grow at a larger scale. The target scale is easy because fewer numbers are present. Enterprises have a lot of resources, cross-sell opportunities.

The enterprises have stability even after a great lay off, it has its roots deep into the market.

One must indulge in great elements or a checklist in the enterprise sales process.


As the fact is enterprise prospecting is important, you can’t shoot in the dark and wait to hit the target. You need research, smart work, and a build contact list, channels to have a picture of who could be your B2B potential prospects. The number of companies to target are less in number compared to the SMB and mid-market businesses. So, it is easy to target and reach them.

You need to have trigger notification as to who would need your product. You can’t sell your services to anyone. You need to have an insight into B2B companies, enterprise. Approach them and look for commonalities among highly qualified prospects.

Know your site, social media is a must if doing sales on a wide perspective. 90% of companies in the U.S. are using online platforms for b2b lead generations. linkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are found very authentic and professional for enterprise prospecting. The presence will give your company help building relationships with the prospect. 78% of the customers are ready to engage in virtual meet for sales.

You need to be very specific while approaching your potential prospect. The three stakeholders are needed to make a unilateral decision and thus, you need to be specific while selecting a prospect.

Approaching and looking at the journey of the prospect to help them understand what difference would it make if they chose your product.learn about their investments, future approach, and past journey to be clear while sales enable the stage. The social media or the government chambers help you get information easily. Enterprise sales process is very long and so prospecting needs your detailed study.

Find out

So, you have a list of your enterprise prospect list ready. Now you need to find ways to approach them. Cold calling, social media platforms and email marketing are few ways to do so.

Be specific that you don;t poke them with your marketing tactics. Be sure that your discovery is customer-centric.

Contact your prospect via different medium and at different times if they are not responding at one time of the day. Reach out to them. Remember you need them. So, keep reaching out and ask for their time if they are not free.

Once you get time, introduce yourself as a part of your organization, it is very important. Speak genuinely, sales happen between person to person, not robots. The introduction has to be a part of your sales.

Ask them open-ended questions, if they have the issue which requires your product or service that you provide. Ask them about other alternatives that solve the problem and take note of it.


The enterprise prospects will require your service demonstration if they are interested in. Be very sure that very less would respond for this for those who do give your best presentation.

Be very sure of the prospects interest in your service. It is not just their interest but your prospecting search and discovery of the customer’s profile also plays a vital role. You need to be sure as your time should not be wasted presenting to people who are not qualified or requires your service.

Build a relationship with your stakeholder. It will benefit you in the long term sales. Enterprise selling is a complex sales system. You cannot be sure about where these lead generation will bring you referrals.

Be specific with your demo as if you customized it for the present prospect and they need it to have a better impact on their problems. Do your homework clearly and then present to persuade your prospect in making them a customer.


Business is about nurturing the relation build even if it doesn’t end up in sales. Follow up is important for you to understand the stakeholders approach regarding your project and how it did and did not work well for them. The prospect may be looking interested and also looking at other options for a better deal. But you need to be involved in your sales process as if build for that prospect. Behave as a guide to them, adding insight to any prospect helps you earn trust.

Have patience as a basic key for business. Hold on to the fact that patience is important in your business so, you wait patiently. Enterprise sales is a long procedure but worth your time.

Remember that approach a customer only when you find out that they require your service and it will be beneficial. No one likes wasting money in service which doesn’t add value.

Be ready to help your customers in every way it builds trust and a strong relationship. Prove your value by preparing a business case or talking to other stakeholders. Keep reminding your prospect that you exist. It will keep adding to your worth.

Never close if the prospect is not ready to buy as soon as possible. It is worth waiting and grabbing a chance whenever possible.


As the sales process is long and a demo has been given already that doesn’t close your sales. You need to prove as to why your product is the right for their business.

Always improvise your product and demonstration strategy.

Speak about how your service is adding value to the prospect’s business and why it is best than other products.

Never show all the cards at one go. Keep some to show at the time of closing or when the prospects speaks of some other issues that need to be solved soon. Your product features is the key feature to win the market sales. Speak as why you have a success rate. Why your old clients prefer your service. Your success needs to have an idea matching your prospects views.


Introduce your product personally. A one to one introduction and demonstration is important for a better view. The introduction of people who are in charge of the sales team and qualification also gives a better result. Follow up your prospect once a month or week at regular intervals to have communication opened for the future. It helps build a gateway for your prospects to reach out to you at any time.

End sale/closing

Finalizing the deal, the last step that may be buying or closing the deal. End at a happy note with the gate opened for future communication. Ensure a contract very simple in terms of the enterprise sales has already consumed your time.

Never make assumptions. You need to be clear with your product specification, services feedback from past, and which enterprise prospects require which service. Ask when it is right time about closing the deal, timeline to complete, or any other inquiry that your prospect needs.

Be thankful if it doesn’t work, ask for the referrals and move to other prospects but enrich your fallen out prospects with insightful values your future service might work for them.

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