Protect your smartphone.

Protect your smartphone.

Smartphones and high-tech mobile computing is in boom these days. Many new devices and technologies are coming everyday, latest smartphones technologies with the smartest software, design and securities. Here are some tips for safety with google:

Use Updated Software or Applications: All Smartphone manufacturers update their software and application on regular basis. They always over come with old security issues and add new security feature in existing software or application, so it is best way to be secure by using most up-to-date software or application version.

Account Protections: To prevent fraudulent activity in your accounts, you can set a protection with Password, Device PIN or screen lock. This means whenever you or anyone want to use that account, they have to put security code.

Lock your Mobile: Make sure that your mobile phone has a PIN lock. This can help you if some one want to access or use your phone they have to add secuirty code.

Use of User Meanu: Make sure you have gone throw with all the step and process of the software or application given in user menu. It will help user to know all about the software or application and help understand how their devices will work effectively and safely.

Use Official App Stores: If you want to update your existing software or application or download new application or software, make sure you are using trusted source or official app store of that smartphone. The benefit of smartphones is that there are thousands of software and applications are available to extend their functionality. Only use official app stores otherwise you may find some malicious code injected into your smartphones.

Last updated:7/28/2020 2:29:54 AM
Brock Hopley

Brock Hopley

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