11 Best IDEs for Developing Node.js Apps In 2020

11 Best IDEs for Developing Node.js Apps In 2020

There are various things to note down when it comes to software application development among those gaining control over the programming code is essential. Opting for code editing or debugging tools may play a handy role for the developers to deliver code with accuracy and speed, this leads to the birth of IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

What is IDE?

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a single software application that performs various operations that facilitates development on developing an effective software application. In basic, an IDE performs the role of a code editor, debugger, build automation tool, and many more.

In the world of software development, you can find IDEs which are specifically designed to facilitate certain programming languages and some others support multiple languages. Here in this article, we have listed the top 11 best NodeJS IDEs that support developers to develop Node JS applications.

What is Node JS?

Before getting to the core of the top 11 best Node JS IDEs, let us remain the basics of Node JS.

Well, Node JS is an open-source platform in which developers can easily develop server-side and applications that suits for networking under the JS environment. Moreover, the peculiar event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O model of Node JS allows developers to develop seamless real-time applications.

List of Top 11 Best Node JS IDEs

The upcoming lists are the top Node JS IDEs which are very popular back-end JS frameworks for developing applications for networking operations and also for server-side. Several big companies are now starting to turn their attention towards Node JS and start using it.

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code marked as the best Node JS IDEs by the majority of developers around the globe. It is an open-source product of Microsoft that allows developers to compile and edit the application code smoothly. This visual studio code from Microsoft comes with an extensive range of plug-ins that enhance its functionality and the presence of various extensions makes this IDE supportive to different programming languages.


  • Supports live share
  • Comes with built-in CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Git Integration
  • Robust and Extensible architecture

2. WebStorm

WebStorm is one among the popular Node JS IDEs released by JetBrains that comes with the impeccable intelligent coding assistance for the developers. This JS framework is widely used by developers around the globe for the development of Server-side applications. Along with smart code completion and error detection, developers avail the benefit of using this framework on other programming languages like HTML, React, CSS, and so.


  • Assist intelligent coding
  • Customizable
  • Comes with built-in tools
  • Navigation & Search

3. Atom

It is one among the cross-platform open-source editors that allows developers to develop and compile the applications in macOS, Linux and Windows. This awesome Atom IDE comes with the pre-installed 4 UI along with 8 syntax themes. Apart from that, this Node JS IDE enables developers to work directly with the GIT and Github with the built-in packages.


  • Supports Cross-platform
  • Comes with a built-in package manager
  • Tool for find and replace
  • Multiple Panes

4. Eclipse Che

This Eclipse Che is a cloud-based JS IDE often referred to as the next generation JS by the developers. It is the perfect solution for the developers for developing big projects. Eclipse Che IDE supports RESTful API Server and IDEs integration. Also, developers can utilize this JS IDE as the browser-based IDE whenever their application requires it.


  • Java Development Tools
  • Tool for code recommendation
  • Integrating option for Maven
  • Integrating Option for Git
  • Key binding
  • Refactoring
  • IntelliSense

5. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is one among the products of JetBrains. It is developed by using Java and Kotlin. Features like code assistance, syntax highlighting, and so triggers the developers to prefer this IntelliJ IDEA JS for the Node JS development. In this JS, the completion, running and debugging operations are carried right within the IDE itself. Moreover, the presence of smart code assistance predicts the developer’s intention and completes the coding automatically.


  • Smart code for completion
  • Smart Debugger
  • East to detect duplication
  • Ergonomic UI
  • Framework based assistance
  • Tool for database and build

6. Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE is a cross-platform IDE by using it developers are able to develop an effective application in multiple languages. Apart from Node JS, this IDE enables developers to develop applications in PHP, Ruby, Perl, and many more programming languages.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Re-Factoring
  • AutoComplete
  • Graphical debugging
  • Split view and Multi Window editing

7. Brackets

Brackets IDE is the product of Adobe and highly preferred for the development of JS applications. Also, the features of brackets like command line integration along with live-preview trigger developers to use this Node JS IDE for their application development.


  • Inline Editors
  • Better UI
  • Fast completion
  • Auto-complete
  • Split View

8. WebMatrix

WebMatrix is another product of Microsoft that supports cloud-based IDE development. Developers who prefer windows environments for their application development can utilize this light-weight and open-source IDE. The cloud support allows developers to develop an application in a fast and efficient manner.


  • Code Completion
  • Simple coding
  • Built-in Node JS templates

9. Koding

Koding is the open-source tool for developing Node JS applications in multiple various scripting languages like Ruby, MySQL, JS, and so. Moreover, the features like live code previewing, and syntax highlighting allows developers to develop an efficient application. Also, the Multi Cursor support by this IDE enables developers to amend similar changes at a time.


  • Powerful DEV environment
  • Highly Flexible
  • Supports Cloud
  • Enables SUDO and SSH access
  • Allows browser coding
  • No restriction for hardware

10. Cloud9

It is an open-source cloud-based IDE that supports developers to develop an application in Node JS, C++, Ruby, Python and also in PHP. The presence of key binding and live previewing features make this Cloud 9 IDE as the most preferred IDE by the developers around the globe.


  • Integrated Debugger
  • Built-in Terminal
  • Simple Connectivity to any Linux server
  • Server-less Development

11. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is considered as the most powerful IDE for Node JS development by the developers mainly because of the presence of advanced features. Also, this Sublime Text IDE offers few tricks to the developers to speed up their development process. This powerful code editor delivers high performance along with the customizable option.


  • Supports project switching
  • Enables split editing
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Supports Macros
  • Built-in Plugins and packages

Bottom Line

Developers prefer NodeJS IDEs for building effective lightweight applications. Owing to that reason, Node JS keeps carrying its dream run in the developer’s world. The above listed top 11 IDEs will suit better for NodeJS development.

Besides, you can find a lot of tools in the market for predicting and examining IDEs that boost the app development process. By using that you can easily sort out the apt one for your project by providing your requirements.

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