Full Stack WordPress Developer for Hire: Features, Cost, and Advantages

Full Stack WordPress Developer for Hire: Features, Cost, and Advantages

Full-stack WordPress development is connecting a combination of presentation of WordPress site, business logic, databases altogether. WordPress is a platform for creating blogs and websites at no cost. A full-stack WordPress developer requires more than just the basics of website development and designing. A full-stack WordPress developer for hire should have excellent technical skills and experience in building or designing websites and web applications.

Although it is easy to set up and manage a WordPress account, it requires familiarity with coding and programming tools to run a WordPress managed site efficiently. A full-stack WordPress developer knows the minute details and hidden features about it, which a new WordPress developer may not. They have an excellent accession to deal with the themes, plug-ins, and other such tools essential to manage a WordPress site for their clients.

WordPress developers are hired based on the requirements of the projects. Businesses usually require hiring a full-stack WordPress developer to deal with the technicalities of developing a website or an application. There are various benefits of hiring a full-stack WordPress developer. A full-stack WordPress developer manages complete work of the site. Thus developers must possess particular abilities to complete the assigned projects as desired by the clients. Such features are mentioned in this article, along with benefits and cost to hire a full-stack WordPress developer.

Features of a Full stack WordPress Developer for Hire

  • WordPress developers for hire must have enough knowledge of technologies and programming languages. The expertise of full-stack WordPress developers lies in all particular areas of technology and development. These include the ability to apply knowledge in all situations with functional and disciplinary skills.
  • They have proficiency in front-end development technologies, PHP back-end development, handling database, and web storage.
  • WordPress developers for hire know themes, plug-ins and modules, widgets, and REST API.
  • They have experience in designing and developing user interfaces for websites. If they do not have the experience, they should at least know how to do it.
  • WordPress developers for hire are capable of converting various layouts and frameworks to HTML pages.
  • They can work with code versioning tools.
  • WordPress developers for hire have adequate advertence of debugging tools, such as chrome inspectors and others.
  • They have expertise in technicalities of HTML (Hyper-text Markup Language); CSS (Cascading Style Sheets); PHP (Hyper-text Preprocessor); MySQL; JavaScript; jQuery; AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML); Django; Nodes JS. HTML5 and CSS3 are the most suggested to work with for HTML and CSS.
  • Apart from the technical languages, they are also capable of performing non- technical things such as invoices for their clients.
  • Along with adequate skills, many WordPress developers for hire are creative enough to meet the requirements of their clients satisfactorily.

Cost of Hiring a Full stack WordPress Developer

The cost of hiring a full-stack WordPress developer depends upon the expertise and experiences of the developer. Beginner level developers usually charge less than those with extensive experience in WordPress development. Also, take into consideration the complexity of the project while deciding the payment of a full-stack WordPress developer for hire. Although hiring a full-stack WordPress developer is cheaper than keeping many employees to deal with WordPress site development and management of a business.

A full-time, full-stack word press developer earns an average salary of approx $65000, which is near about 5 Lakh INR. However, the average income of a freelancer or part-time WordPress developer cannot be determined. Salary of freelance or part-time WordPress developers varies in every platform from that of the other.

Advantages of Full stack WordPress Developer for hire

  • Full-stack WordPress developers are versatile in terms of knowledge of coding, front end, and back end development technologies.
  • Full-stack WordPress developers are not just capable of web development but also capable of designing the entire structure of the web site.
  • A company or individual does not need to employ lots of developers if they hire a full-stack WordPress developer for their projects.
  • It was hiring and assigning projects to full-stack WordPress developers’ costs comparatively less. As a result, it helps to save money for investment in other essential requirements.
  • Full-stack developers have command over almost every aspect. Thus, they are capable of providing long term solutions to issues arising.
  • They must be capable of switching from one domain to the other and working successfully on it.
  • Experienced full-stack WordPress developers do not take much time to deliver the project as expected by the client. Thus, saving much time for the company. However, some complex projects may take a longer time than usual to develop and bring forth the client.
  • Full-stack developers assure quality control of the WordPress projects. If even you hand over an incomplete plan to them, they try their best to deliver the outcome.
  • Full-stack developers are experts in debugging the system.
  • They help to make your web page more creative, user-friendly, and responsive.
  • Apart from maintenance, full-stack WordPress developers can also assist you to optimize the existing system.
  • Full-stack developers keep themselves updated with the current and upcoming technologies. Thus they can help you to update your web project in no time effortlessly.
  • You do not need someone else to check and correct the errors if any. A full-stack developer himself is capable of finding and solving the problems.
  • It is also beneficial for the developer to gain more proficiency in full-stack development.


WordPress development revolves around technology. A full-stack developer is known to be an all-rounder. It is because he has immense knowledge in the field of technology and works with it. He has experience of all kinds of coding. Hiring a full stack developer is quite a difficult task because not every developer is an ace in all types of programming languages or coding. Learning about WordPress development is easy, but learning enough to become a full-stack WordPress developer can be challenging. From setting a framework to bringing about technological implementations on his own, a developer does everything for a website. A Full-stack WordPress developer is known to be ideal to set up and manage a site for any purpose. You just are required to keep things as mentioned earlier in mind before hiring a full-stack WordPress developer suitable for your project.

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