How to Pick/Build a Right Video Chat/Conference API & SDK for Your Enterprise Businesses

How to Pick/Build a Right Video Chat/Conference API & SDK for Your Enterprise Businesses

Video Conferencing platform is expected to reach USD 6.37 billion by 2026.

Since the global crises have affected several countries, the need for remote working has become a prime resource for global enterprises and small scale businesses. An uninterrupted collaboration demands an enterprise video conferencing solution that connects the entire working ecosystem.  

In today’s organizational growth meetings are the most important part where meetings are held between two people, bigger and broader overseas, to stay connected, an online video conference platform would be a better option. To pick that right video conferencing solution for your business communication, let’s explore the major types of video conferences available in the market.   

Different Types of Video Conferencing Available in the Market:

How to Pick/Build a Right Video Chat/Conference API & SDK for Your Enterprise Businesses

  • One-to-one Conversations:

It’s the most commonly used video call system where the manager has a private video chat with the remote employee to collaborate. The most cost-effective way to conduct first-round interviews with potential candidates. 

  • Customer and Vendor Relationship

It’s a much easier way to build customer relationships with this type of external conferencing. Connecting the overseas vendor instantly over video conference calls. 

  • Large Hall Meetings

All-hands video conferencing takes place in large meeting rooms and a huge contained auditorium with several remote employees. This ensures the employees to stay updated on all tasks. 

  • Team Meeting/Internal Collaboration

Internal communication is the most important factor for keeping the employees in the loop. Video conferencing for internal communication makes it possible by connecting remote offices to ensure the employees are connected with the team and stimulate collaboration. 

Whether you want to build a video conference or pick an enterprise video conference software for your business, the purpose and industry are the major criteria you need to check before partnering with any conferencing system. 

Industries That Video Conferencing Can Pour Its Benefits

How to Pick/Build a Right Video Chat/Conference API & SDK for Your Enterprise Businesses

  1. Banking and Finance Industry are the straightforward industries that get benefited at utmost where customers can directly interact with their financial advisors on financial decisions.
  2. Online education is another scenario where video conferencing is used in education for teaching students and bringing the opportunity of learning around the world to the classroom. 
  3. Internal business communication is one of the most commonly used to connect with global business partners, customers and businesses to solve problems, share deals and cut travel costs.
  4. Connecting immobile patients and remote patients is another strategy for doctors to connect with patients, doctors, and physicians to communicate and receive medical care to patients.   

So before considering to build a video conferencing platform or picking up the right tool, determine the tools used in the platform and tools needed to build one. 

There are two options available in the market:
  1. Web-based development
  2. Native development

Web-based applications are built using WebRTC APIs which will work on any browser and any device. Native applications are built using programming languages to support the operating system of the mobile. Choosing the right platform is dependent on the video conferencing business. 

Some Basic Collaboration Tools Offered By Video Conferencing Software

How to Pick/Build a Right Video Chat/Conference API & SDK for Your Enterprise Businesses

  1. Screen sharing, document sharing to share confidential information from one application to another over the conferencing platform. 
  2. Whiteboard is basically used to present on meetings, discussions during project reviews and helps teachers to conduct sessions with students. 
  3. Instant messaging feature to enable businesses and employees to get informed on daily tasks and process immediate action to participants. 
  4. Multi-party video calls help participants and hosters to make limited conferencing on immediate processes across countries.

Some Effectual Features Available in an Enterprise Video Conferencing Solution 

  • Call and conference management
  • Notifications
  • Recording and playback (including text)
  • Contact management & search
  • Contact status
  • Allow multiple audio, video and data sources per participant
  • Virtual cameras
  • Layout control
  • Signaling configuration
  • Transport configuration

Customization of the Video Conferencing Solution

This is another criteria you need to consider for your business conference. There are certain parameters needed to consider starting from design, number of participants, geographical area, and layout of the conferencing that suits your business needs. 

  • Layout 
  • Conference topology 
  • Quality control 
  • Rendering engine 
  • Custom infrastructure 

Your Conferencing Need - SaaP or SaaS?

How to Pick/Build a Right Video Chat/Conference API & SDK for Your Enterprise Businesses

SasS based video conferencing platform offers limited participants and call duration time which is based on the subscription model. SaaP based video conferencing solutions like MirrorFly, Apphitect & Cometchat offers unlimited hosting possibilities, data usage and unlimited features on a one-time payment for the entire conferencing platform. It reduces the cost of conferencing compared to a SaaS-based platform.  

Understanding the Technology Factors in a Video Conferencing Platform

The technological part is quite complex where the performance and reliability are seen through the technologies used in the conferencing platform.  

The hosting possibilities are quite usual like any other platform development:
  1. Cloud-hosting,
  2. On-premises.
There are other possibilities to develop a video conferencing platform:
  1. On-premise – Peer-to-peer approach
  2. On-premise – Media Server approach
  3. Using a Communication-Platform-as-A-Service (CPaaS) Provider

Leading Global Video Conferencing Providers in the Market for Your Business

1. MirrorFly - An Enterprise Video Conferencing Solution

How to Pick/Build a Right Video Chat/Conference API & SDK for Your Enterprise Businesses

MirrorFly offers customizable video conferencing api based on business purpose and industrial needs. The solution is completely one-time payment based on functionalities and features. 

Highlights MirrorFly's Video Conferencing API
  • 100% Customizable Solution 
  • One Time License Cost 
  • Video Conferencing 
  • Live Broadcasting 
  • Real-time Instant Messaging 
  • Screen Sharing 
  • Push to Talk 
  • VoIP & SIP Calling 
  • Whiteboard 
  • On Premises/Cloud Hosting

2. Apphitect - Leading Video Conferencing Provider

How to Pick/Build a Right Video Chat/Conference API & SDK for Your Enterprise Businesses

Apphitect offers video conferencing software with enriched features and upto 25 members. Their software is absolutely preferred for industries and SME sectors.

Highlights of Apphitect Video Chat SDK
  • Data Channel 
  • Enterprise Communication SDK 
  • In-App messaging 
  • HQ Video Chat Interactive 
  • Live Broadcasting 
  • Group Chat 
  • Push notifications 
  • Multimedia Sharing 
  • High Caliber Framework 
  • Multi-platform compatibility

3. Cometchat - Best Video Conferencing Solution

How to Pick/Build a Right Video Chat/Conference API & SDK for Your Enterprise Businesses

Cometchat is a SaaS-based conferencing platform offering video and voice conferencing solutions to businesses based on the industry and participants’ limits. 

Highlights of Cometchat Video Calling SDK
  • Cross-platform 
  • Performance 92+ integrations 
  • One-on-one o
  • Group video chat Video Calling 
  • Push Notifications 
  • Secure File Sharing
  • End to End Encryption

Wrapping Up

As the globalization of technology and industry drives the future, Small businesses and enterprises use video conferencing solutions as the necessary communication tool to collaborate and increase the efficiency of the business. In choosing the right conferencing solution, businesses must consider the purpose, security standard, scalability of the conferencing solution that enhances the business growth and productivity of the businesses.   

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