4 Apple Apps To Help You Find Your Office Space Like A Pro

4 Apple Apps To Help You Find Your Office Space Like A Pro

But did you know that there are also apps made to help you find that office space for your business venture? Check out these apps available at the Apple App Store.


One of the best apps for you to consider is Lovely. It definitely is a neat app that is location-based. This means that you can get notified whenever a property nearby is put up for sale. Worried if pet animals are allowed in your new business space? Well, Lovely has a feature that informs if pets are ‘okay’ or ‘not okay. Preferences as well as alerts can be adjusted according to your taste. The best thing about Lovely is that it can be downloaded for free and can be acquired for the iPhone as well as the iPad.

Zillow Mortgages

Worried that a certain property might be too heavy for your pockets? Worry no more! There is Zillow Mortgages, an app that can help you know if a certain property is suitable for your budget or not. It can calculate the rates that you have to worry about in case you want to purchase a certain property. It can suggest the amount of money that you have to earn every year so that you would be able to pay for the property. Like other great apps for property buyers, Zillow Mortgages can be downloaded for free and can be used with the iPhone and the iPad.

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

Are you purchasing office space for the very first time? Do not let the ignorance of the real estate market forces you to make a very bad deal. Equip yourself with a big amount of real estate knowledge with the Dictionary of Real Estate Terms. Any term you encounter that you do not understand when shopping for office space, you can always check with this app. Of course, for a clearer explanation about certain real estate sales matters, you can always consult your realtor. But downloading this app is suggested since it can be quite handy. It is available for less than two dollars and is designed for the iPad and the iPhone.

Photo Measures

When you go around shopping for an office space, there is a big chance that you would like two, three, or even more options. Of course, you only have to choose one among these options. To help you make a good decision, you can always use the app, Photo Measures. It lets you take photos of the office spaces that you want and then note its dimensions. Later on, when you try to plan out how your office would be designed or decorated, you can refer to the photos and dimensions saved with this app. It can be downloaded for a little less than five dollars and that’s a steal!

Last updated:7/15/2020 3:47:20 AM
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