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5 Important Things to Consider while Web Designing

5 Important Things to Consider while Web Designing

Ibadul Rahman 720 08-Jul-2020

Hey everyone,

As we all know, Web Designing is one of the most crucial tasks when it comes to Online Marketing. A well-designed website can create a fortune for us and at the same time, a devastating design website can ruin your business. So, it is always important to carefully design your website.

Designers often commit very simple mistakes while designing a website. As a matter of fact, details matter in web designing. It is important to take care of everything to serve the best user experience. From font style to colour combination or content arrangement everything should be up to the mark. Not considering simple aspects and then designing a website will only be a dreadful website.

So, to make things easy for you Today I will be sharing the top 5 important things you should consider while designing a website. So, if you are interested in knowing those 5 important things take a cup of coffee & just stick with this blog.

 1. Symmetry in Content

It is one of the most common mistakes that most web designers commit. Having Sematary on a website content is one of the most vital factors in web designing. But wait, What do I mean by Sematary? Let me explain by an example, suppose you are designing a website. You added one row & then added a text block in it and at last inserted the content in it. Then you will give margin to that text block from up & downside. The margin you will give on the up & downside of the content should be the same. Suppose, if you have a margin of 18px on the upside then the same margin you should give in the downside. You cannot give a margin of 18px on upside and 50px on the downside.

Not taking care of Sematary makes your content look ugly & unprofessional.

2. Colour Combination

Not choosing the right colour theme is also among the most common web designing mistakes. A colour combination significantly influences the overall experience on the website. So, it is important to choose the right colour combination. But remember, a colour combination very much depends upon which type of website you are designing.

Suppose, if you are designing a baby care product website then you should use light colours such as Baby Pink, Sky Blue. On the contrary to this, if you are designing a Perfume product website then there you want to use royal colours such as magenta, Dark Brown many others like that.

So, whenever you design a website choose the right colour combination. For that, you can do research check your competitor’s website. Look at the colours they have used on their website. You can consult with your client to find the right colour combination for yourself.

3. Font Style, Size, Weight

Texts are the most important elements on a web page. A user mostly engages with texts on your website. It tells the visitor about your website. So, picking up the right font style is necessary. Never choose a font style that makes content not readable. Always try to use a simple but decent font style on your website. Neither overshaded nor very casual font style looks good. Also, set the right font size & weight. Making font size too small declines readability and too big shallow.

4. Use Attractive Images on Website

Using the proper images on your website can improve the quality of your website up to a very long extent. Choose decent images that compliment your website and also matches up with the colour combination of the website. A collection of good images on website engages the visitor of the website.

5. Proper Content Arrangement

It is the most common mistakes that almost every web designers commit. Properly arranging the content around the website is the most important thing. If the content arrangement is not good, it not only reduces the user experience but can also impact the sales on the website. Aligning the content properly, giving the right call-to-action at the right place is very important while designing a website. If you are designing a website that is not generating any sales then what will the point of designing? So, the content arrangement is also the most important factor you should consider in website designing.


So, these are the 5 most important elements you should consider while designing a website. If you have hired a freelance web designer or a web design agency for yourself tell them to consider 5 these things they should consider while designing your website.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have found it interesting please share it with your friends.

Ibadul Rahman

Ibadul Rahman

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