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8 reasons Why Skin Turns Black from Gold Learned from Jewellers

8 reasons Why Skin Turns Black from Gold Learned from Jewellers

Moha By Geentanjali 1515 29-Jun-2020

The problem associated with the blackening of the skin in those places that come in contact with gold jewelry is by no means new. Another thing is that for someone, the skin blackens almost immediately after contact with gold, and for someone, a similar reaction occurs after many years.

When it would seem, the experience of wearing gold jewelry is calculated even not for years, but for decades. Symptoms are different for everyone. Someone’s skin simply darkens at the points of contact, while someone else besides darkening, the skin also itches. Some carriers of gold jewelry say that their fingers swell from the gold rings and earlobes from gold earrings.

And some even complain of characteristic rashes. Moreover, there is such a reaction to one gold product, but not to the second. What is the reason? How do yellow precious metal products differ from each other? Should we be afraid of such reactions to the body? And most importantly - how to explain them? About this and not only - in our today's material.

4 Reasons We Learned From Jewelers 

  When it comes to metal, which leaves a dark spot on a person’s skin, we are the last to sin on gold. In particular, because we value this precious material for its hypoallergenicity. It is believed that gold earrings can be safely worn even by the smallest princesses who were born just a couple of months ago.

Because gold is completely safe for children, and even more so for adults. However, from time to time this rule for some reason does not work. We have put together the answers to the question of why the skin turns black from gold, which we voiced by experts in the jewelry industry.

It turns out that in order to find a clue, it is not necessary to be a doctor. Sometimes, to search for causes and solutions, it is enough to include simple human logic. 

  • Poor precious metal 

And more precisely - just a fake. It is usually about Turkish gold, which tourists often bring from vacation as a souvenir. The text that you read below is likely to force you to permanently refuse to buy such “memories” of a wonderful vacation. But all the better. In the end, it is about health - yours and your loved ones.

Gold jewelry is really elevated by travelers to the rank of national Turkish souvenirs. However, there is no and never has been gold of its own in Turkey. For the manufacture of jewelry, this country purchases precious metals from sellers such as the United States and Germany.

The raw materials come in quality, but what happens to them afterward makes lovers of Turkish jewelry think seriously. In the gold purchased in the West, Turkish producers add various ligatures. And the metal that is obtained as a result of such manipulations is very far from ideal. It has practically nothing to do with the original raw materials.

Turkish manufacturers do not always control the composition of the ligature and the final product, which is called the popular precious metal, but in fact, it is not. Therefore, the test on Ukrainian and Turkish products may be the same, but the quality will be heaven and earth.

Why, despite the negative reaction of the skin to the material, do we continue to buy Turkish-made gold? The answer to the banal is simple: the reason is the price. Gold jewelry made in our country or in the West is much more expensive. And Turkish gold is more affordable and cheaper.

In this case, it is important to understand that saving on gold products is self-deception. Buying low-quality Turkish gold, you simply fall into the marketing trap, skillfully installed by Turkish producers. It's time to remember the popular wisdom that not all gold is glittering.

Yes, this is a metaphor, but in this case, it is more relevant than ever. In no case do we claim that Turkish gold products are complete of poor quality? In fact, in this wonderful country, there are wonderful brands and world-famous jewelry companies with unbreakable authority. They really can be trusted, unlike street vendors who laid out their treasures on stools hastily covered with rugs with ethnic motifs.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, before committing to a purchase, we recommend you explore the tag on the jewelry item, review the information that is offered by the manufacturer, and make sure that the piece of jewelry that you liked, certified by the Assay Office. In general, the test, stigma, and exhaustive advice of the seller will save you from a serious mistake and money wasted.

  • Nickel

It is no secret that the ligature, which is added to gold for hardness, density, and durability, often contains nickel. This metal is not hypoallergenic. Rather, exactly the opposite.

When nickel is small, human skin in most cases simply does not notice it. But when the metal is slightly larger or much more than normal, the skin makes itself felt. Interestingly, an instant reaction does not occur.

The body suffers for some time, accumulating negative, and when the cup of his patience is full, at the place of contact with gold jewelry that contains nickel, traces of contact dermatitis appear.

You might notice something similar when wearing a belt, the buckle of which is made of nickel while wearing jewelry and even in contact with a crossbody belt, the accessories of which have nickel in it. At some point, the skin begins to itch, 

  • Copper

This metal, like nickel, can greatly irritate the skin of a person. Most copper is in pink gold because it is she who paints this precious metal in such a beautiful and delicate shade. Visually, pink gold jewelry looks great, especially for young ladies. But an excess of copper in the metal in some people causes a very violent reaction of the body.

  • Dirty gold

Dirty - in the literal sense of the word, and not figuratively. It's not about a fake or low-quality precious metal. This is a product that has not been cleaned for a long time. In our recent article, Quarantine Decorations: 12 Answers to a Question on How to Clean Jewelry at Home, we described in detail not only the cleaning methods but also the reasons why precious products need regular “bathing procedures”. And a possible darkening of the skin is one of them.

In the process of wearing a gold accessory, our skin releases sebum, which, getting on the surface of the product, mixes with environmental products. As a result of mixing, a chemical reaction occurs that leaves dark traces on the metal. And these marks, in turn, are sometimes imprinted on the skin of a wearer of jewelry.

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