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How You Can Improve Sales Growth of Your Ecommerce Business

How You Can Improve Sales Growth of Your Ecommerce Business

Asif Ahmed 644 29-Jun-2020

Improving the sales graph is trivial for the growth and success of any eCommerce business. A business exists for making money and increasing the profits by each passing day. So, there is no harm in thinking about and applying different ways of boosting sales.

The eCommerce is on the rise with the advent of new technologies and simplified user experiences. It is amassing a huge factor in sales across the globe in the coming year with about 2.14 billion online buyers as Oberlo speculates. In the realm of eCommerce and mobile technology, why should not your business increase sales?

Read through the different strategies to boost marketing and improve the user experience that reflects upon the sales growth of your eCommerce website.

- Create shoppable posts on Instagram

Instagram is no more limited to personal photography as it has grown into a marketplace where users like to follow top brands and continue shopping with a hassle-free procedure. Seeing the user inclination towards online shopping on a secure platform, Instagram has introduced shoppable posts that are allowing users to place orders right on Instagram without involving an eCommerce platform. The users who were reluctant in clicking a page link and visit a website outside the Instagram to view and place an order can now do online shopping peacefully while staying within this social media application.

To avail the benefit, you may need to upload the store catalog to Facebook using the API and connect it to your business account on Instagram. After configuration, you may need to tab products in posts so that users may interact and buy straight from the store.

- Sync online and offline shopping

Technology has simplified the online shopping experience to a great extent. However, the consumers still rely on offline shopping as they have issues with size, quality, and worry about its return procedure. They may browse multiple eCommerce businesses on their smartphones, select the product, and may look into the physical location of the store so they can visit and pick it on their own.

To gain the trust of your potential customers in placing orders, you can sync the shopping experience. One example of such an issue can be allowing the store pick-up option. It may allow the customers to search the availability of a product, place an order, but decide to pick-up from the store location nearest to their home or office.

For a business that runs multiple store locations, it is the best option. The customers save time and money in receiving the order as he or she can plan a pick-up time while buying the grocery or returning from the office.

- Generate and display user content

The content that your users create is called user-generated content such as reviews, feedback, suggestions, opinion, and testimonials. If you want to improve the sales growth of your eCommerce business, try to make the website trustworthy and reliable by asking existing customers to share a few words about your products or services.

The ratings and reviews on an eCommerce website play a significant role in helping the visitors make buying decisions. They carefully read the experiences of others to know how this specific business is solving their problems.

To make the most out of customer-generated content, try to add real images of the customers along with their names, with due permission, to make the reviews and testimonials look natural and genuine, and not the fabricated one.

- Earn trustworthiness with security logos

The online buyers are reluctant in sharing their personal and financial details on an eCommerce website that is not secure for payments. Your store may be safe and secure, but failing to exhibit it with logos may make the users revert without making any purchases.

No one may want to jeopardize his or her credit information by entering it on an insecure shopping platform. The increasing frauds of credit cards and misuse of personal information are making the user dreadful about their personal data. Therefore, they don't want to take risks.

Make your eCommerce website a secure place with top priority to payment procedures, and processing and possession of user data. Encrypt the connection between your store and the consumers. And, display the security logos on checkout pages and other places when necessary. Let them feel their credentials in their safe hands.

- Use Video Content

The use of video is on the rise because mobile screen users find it hard to read the text, but watching a video is quite relaxing. It is useful in making the users stay on the page, engage with the content, and get the complete message about the product or service. A page with video proves to be more engaging than text or images.

In addition to video content on product pages, you can utilize the effectiveness of video sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo, and take live sessions for events and product briefs. Videos are quite powerful in spreading the message about online business.

It is the reason that experts now recommend the use of video ads in promotional campaigns. If you are projecting a product on social media or search engines with paid marketing, do not forget to transform the message in videos for better prospects and sales growth.

- Take pre-orders

Pre-ordering is one of the strongest techniques in collecting revenues before the products are available in stock or finished for use. Utilize the strategy for products that are high in demand. The online buyers who are direly in need of a product would like to place orders in advance so that they can get the products as soon as it is available in stock.

Another similar concept of increasing sales is of backorders. In backorders, the store allows users to place orders for the products that are out-of-stock and get priority delivery upon availability.

Te functionality to offer preorder or backorder is not usually available in most of the eCommerce platforms. Merchants can seek assistance from different tools and extensions to equip their online stores and Let Customers Pre-Order products. With this, they can continue getting sales and revenue before they can dispatch the items. The technique is quite fascinating for eCommerce businesses.

However, it may apply to stores that offer the highest quality and optimum standards. The users would like to pay in advance only when they are sure to receive top-notch products.

- Promote offers with product labels

Offering deals and discounts is a part of eCommerce business to encourage users for shopping in pursuit of saving money. However, most of the offers go unnoticed in stores and the users are not able to avail them. It may happen because of the difficulty in conveying the message.

An eCommerce website often uses banners and header texts to show discount offers, which may seem to be misleading. They are not sure as the discount covers the products or categories they are interested or it is a clearance sale. To ensure the customers notice the deals, you can add product labels.

Product labels have to power to communicate a lot about the general discounts as well as the specific deals. For example, the product labels Magento 2 extension allows merchants to highlight promotions with attractive logos, stickers, and labels. There is a variety of labels that can be used for making the labels more prominent and noticeable.

- Initiate a referral program

Your happy customers may have referred to a few of their friends and family members because they are satisfied with your offerings. What if they do it properly in return for gifts, rewards, and discounts? A referral program is developed for such loyal customers. The Refer a Friend Program works by allowing existing store users to invite others with a referral link to sign-up and make the shopping.

The merchant set incentives for both, the referrer and the referee. And, the store increases its user base and grows the sales. It is also known as affiliate marketing or partnership program. The users choose to become your advocate and suggest the products to people within and outside his or her social circle to make money out of it. The ultimate benefit goes to the merchants as they get a team of marketers who are only paid when sales are paid through their referrals.

- Exhibit best selling items

Use a separate section to display the best selling items on your eCommerce website. The one reason for creating such a box is that most of the users evaluate the reputation of a store from its top-rated items. They need to know what product, service, or trait they are best at, which gives them a reason to stop and browse the catalog.

The top-performing items from the catalog are famous for a reason. It may be bear a supreme quality or be a spot-on solution. Let fame beget fame by bringing it to the forefront of your store to boost sales.

Final words

Selecting different ways of boosting sales and revenues of your eCommerce business is a tough choice as every business is unique and possesses audiences with a specific mindset. The above-mentioned techniques are quite effective in growing sales. However, you may need to check with your business nature.

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