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Top 10 Travel Vlogging Tips For Youtube Vloggers

Top 10 Travel Vlogging Tips For Youtube Vloggers

Tony Harner 652 26-Jun-2020

1. Watch tons of travel videos

Most skills are best learned through great examples, and making travel movies is no different. When I started, I used to watch tons and tons of travel videos every week, until I was inspired enough to create mine.

I like to observe how travel videos work, what kind of format they used, why they put this clip before the other clip, why and how they shot a certain frame, and from there I went out, experimented, filmed and came with my own style

Top 10 Travel Vlogging Tips For Youtube Vloggers

2. Prepare the camera setup before your trip

One of the last things you want to do is change the profile of an image on your camera while you're on the go.

That would create a lot of unnecessary headaches along the line, especially while in the editing booth for color correction.

Before your trip, experience which settings work best for you, and set them as defaults for all modes.

Avoid changing any settings that affect your footage to maintain the consistency of the footage you will get. Get the best vlogging camera with flip screen and start your adventurous journey. 

3. Shoot smart

Shooting as much as you can is great advice because when you're back home editing, you'll want more material to work with, but there's a fine line between shooting enough and overshooting.

Don't forget to enjoy the country itself and remember from time to time why you travel in the first place.

4. Come with a story

This is not easy and I have struggled many times over the fact that traveling is spontaneous and unplanned, and to tell a great story, it requires that we do extensive research and careful planning.

Unless you have the budget and time to explore a location, make up a story, and dictate the actors, you will have to settle for the chaos and spontaneity that travel entails and that is why it is so important to have your camera ready at all times. and shoot as much as you can.

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5. Make it more about the country, less about you

Too often nowadays, travel videos tend to focus a lot on filmmakers and how great their lives seem to be, which is not what travel videos are all about. Travel videos are supposed to tell a story about a place, show the landscapes, the locals and the food, etc., not a platform to show your life.

6. Diversify

As mentioned above, travel videos don't have the luxury of having a proper structure and engaging story to keep audiences interested, so it's important that you experience and diversify how you shoot videos to keep your audience up to final.

7. Create movement

One difference between travel photography and videography is that most of the beautiful architecture you encounter when traveling can be captured beautifully with a photo, but when it comes to video, due to lack of motion, you will not be able to capture the emotion and the energy of the place as photography does.

You will have to create your own movement and there are several ways to do it. You can try creating your own movement with a simple camera movement like a panorama, using a time lapse to bring a building or static landscape to life, or shooting something that is already moving, such as children playing, flying pigeons, or people dancing.

8. Get close-ups of the object

Nothing can invoke more human emotion than having a person staring intently at their camera. We humans interact with each other every day.

We love it, we laugh, we cry for each other and we can use that in our travel videos to bring out strong emotion from their audience.

9. Connect your shots in a meaningful way

This is probably one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of editing a travel video.

Most travel videos look like a bunch of random clips put together with no purpose or story behind them, which is fine, but if you want to create a great travel video and stand out from the rest, you need to pay attention to how the clips are connected.

10. Export correctly

Last but not least, export your video in the proper settings so that all of your hard work isn't ruined by a poor finished product.

A good rule of thumb is to export it in the highest possible quality with consistent font settings. For example, if most of your footage is recorded at 25fps, set your stream to 25fps when you edit and export it in ProRes (RAW) format at 25fps.

Why RAW? So you have a high quality version backup and then you can convert RAW ProRes file to a different format which is much faster than converting directly from the source.

Updated 29-Oct-2020
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