Online Digital Signature Certificate - Types & Benefits

Online Digital Signature Certificate - Types & Benefits

What is a Digital Signature Certificate? 

The certifying authority issues the digital signature certificate (DSC) as the digital key. It comes into use for digitally validating and certifying a person's identity. It can be used for the digital signature of any document.

In addition, the DSC provides detailed information about an individual, including their name, pin code, country, email address, the person's digital signature, and the issuing authority's name. Additionally, digital signature certificate recognition, issuance, and inconsistency are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Who can use the Digital Signature Certificate?

Various government authorities and corporate organizations use Digital Signature. Moreover, it has become a statutory requirement in different applications. The DSC can also make use of the certificate by persons, associations, international entities, and associations.

What are the benefits of a Digital Signature Certificate?

1. Receding cost and time:

In fact, many major organizations have to manage a lot of documents and their electronic delivery. It requires a lot of needless workloads to sign each of the documents physically and then scan each to submit them by email. Similarly, the companies may opt to sign their documents digitally and send them instantly to recede this hassle.

2. Safe and secure data:

After the digital signature, we can not edit or modify the documents. In addition, it helps keep the data secure and safe. Governing officials also ask for digitally signed certificates to authenticate transactions between companies. It helps them cross-document verification.

3. Authenticity:

Once the receiver gets a document that has been digitally signed, he is assured of the deal and takes action accordingly. A digitally signed certificate is a reflection of authenticity and gives recipient assurance.

What are the 3 types of Digital Signature Certificate?

1. Signature:

Signing any document validates its validity with the help of the online digital signature. It assures the recipient that the document is untampered and that the data mentioned are unchanged. The dsc class 3 sign can also be used to sign PDF files for tax returns, contract approval, and other websites.

2. Encrypted:

Firstly, for confidential data and documents, DSC encryption is. In addition, it should protect confidential and essential data. Thus, it is of paramount importance to send these documents with DSC encryption, provided that such documents are transmitted.

3. Sign and Encrypt:

Another form of DSC is one that includes both sign and encryption. We can use the documents together, which should have been authentic while at the same time being confidential. We can often use such certificates to fill in applications from the government or important documents.

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