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Why is Demand of Social Media App Increasing Amid Coronavirus Crisis?

Why is Demand of Social Media App Increasing Amid Coronavirus Crisis?

Pratik Kanada 763 17-Jun-2020

With Corona out there everywhere and people inside their homes and everything closed, people have increased the usage of social media apps. Some are busy working from home, some are busy working for home but when it comes to spending the free time, people turn to social media apps for passing time and also connecting with their friends and relatives. Covid-19 has not brought any good for us but for some categories of mobile app development, it sure has been a blessing in disguise.

Well, how many social media apps do you have on your device?

Do you have Facebook?

Do you have Instagram?

Do you have Youtube?

Are you a tiktoker or you are a Netflix and chill kind of person?

Well whichever your favorite is, you have at least one of these in your device or all of them and hooked to some.

During the lockdown when people had nothing to do, they turned to social media apps to pass their idle time. All these apps experienced a sudden increase in downloads and traffic and subscribers.

According to NewYork Times, there is an increase of 27% in the average daily website traffic of Facebook, a 16% increase in the average daily website traffic of Netflix, and a 15.3% increase in the website traffic of YouTube.

The use of chatting and video calling apps has also shown an evident increase in usage. According to TechCrunch, Whatsapp has seen an increase of 41% in usage due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Looking at the high use and surging demand, if you are considering developing an app social media is a category to consider very seriously. There are several things you should know before you finally decide to develop a social media app.

Features to Have in a Social Media App

Chat with Your Mate

One of the must-have features in a social media application is chatting. The users must be allowed to chat with each other.

Share Media

The users must be allowed to share media like audio, video, and images. Even the users must be able to share media from one app to another. Say for example the user finds something interesting on Instagram and they can share it on Facebook. So, make sure to have it in your app.

Like and Comment

The users can like the post whether it is an image, video, or audio. They can also post comments whether good or bad on the media. The users can chat in the comment section with each other. They can even like the comment.


All the popular social media apps provide filters to take pictures or edit them after being taken. Filter with different colors is provided in the photo-sharing apps for the user to try and have fun.

Video Calling

Social media applications have video calling feature to connect the users and help them communicate. The mobile app also has the feature to have group video calls and connect with multiple people at the same time.

Research by Statista showed how many people believe that the use of different social media will increase during the Corona crisis.

Here take a look.

Why is Demand of Social Media App Increasing Amid Coronavirus Crisis?

Take any of the top-ranking social media applications; whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, or Pinterest, people believe their use will increase. The number of believers of increase is way more as compared to those who believe the user will decrease. The believers were right for sure, the demand increased for sure. What else people are going to do behind the doors of their home. They created new challenges, challenged their friends and relatives to try the challenge, and asked them to forward the challenge.

People shared selfies with smiles, with pets, with baby, with glairs, and many more. There was even cooking challenges or stunt challenges to pass their idle time and mask became the new fashion. In this scenario, you should possibly be doing two things:

  • Create a social media marketing strategy
  • Create a social media app.

If done correctly, both can be very beneficial. If you create an engaging social media marketing strategy and display it in front of the users, you can get recognition. Also, if you go for social media mobile application development of your own, there will be an abundant set of users of all age groups and type willing to try something new. It is great timing to come up with something like us and grab an irreplaceable place in the user’s device.

Bottom Lines

Know the market scenario, learn the good and bad things, and decide how to proceed in this scenario to make the most for your business or brand. Move ahead with the right strategy and get the chance to generate sound revenue through social media.

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