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Why A Home Router is

Why A Home Router is

Every home with an internet connection has a router. It is now a ubiquitous device just like a refrigerator or TV. 

Have you ever wondered why most of them have the same IP address number,

First, we will explain what's an IP address.

Every website, router, and a pc or for that any matter any device connected to the Internet has an IP address. You can think of IP as an address by which all devices identify themselves on the internet or any network.

Now, let's come back to your home network. There is a list of IP addresses just reserved for private networks such as in our homes or offices. These IP addresses are not used on the internet for any website. This avoids any confusion or conflict.   

So what is the range of IP addresses reserved for private networks? -- to to

So now let's get back to our initial question why most routers have as their IP? is used to refer to a group of computers and was chosen because it is the low number reserved IP list.

If you check your PC/Laptop's IP address may also be somewhat like 192.168.1.x where x is a number between 2 & 255.

There is no scientific or technical reason behind this numbering. 

But it does make remembering the IP address of routers easier now that most routers have this IP. You don't have to find or guess the IP address of your home router or your  friend's router!

This makes it easy for everyone to configuring a router as well as troubleshoot networks.

SO next time you have to configure or troubleshoot your network, all you have to do is type in on the browser and lo and behold the configuration page will come up.

Now, you may need to type credentials (username/password) to get into the settings. Also, don't forget to read your router's manual before changing any settings. 

Do all routers use to identify themselves?

Absolutely No.

Many manufacturers use different IP addresses. They don't follow the convention for their own technical reasons.

At the bottom of the router or in the manual the default IP address of the router is mentioned.

Usually it is 192.168.x.x or 172.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x ( .

Common Router IP addresses

How To Find IP Address Of Your Router?

The most common way to know the IP of your router is to open a command prompt (Ctrl-R --> enter cmd and then the enter). After that enter the command ipconfig in it. The Default Gateway entry is most probably your router's IP address.

Last updated:9/19/2020 2:25:58 PM
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