6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Ads CTR Right Now

6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Ads CTR Right Now

Want to get more clicks on AdWords advertisements? Who isn't? We've put together 6 tips from PPC experts that can be used to start ramping up your PPC traffic. Here some of question which comes in mind ” How to improve ctr google ads and what action might improve the click-through rate on your ad”. Here’s 6 things we can do for improve Google Ads CTR.

As a PPC marketer you know that you have to get those clicks rolling in before you can start optimizing your conversion campaigns. And responsive website design also affect on ppc, It's impossible to have the level of confidence you need to form a hypothesis to the A / B test without enough volume. A digital marketing company helps you to reach to your targeted audiances.

Job numero uno is to acquire control your PPC ads for more clicks and start sending more traffic to your landing page (because you are sending your PPC traffic to a landing page, not your main website, right?)

Not to mention the fact that your cost-per-click will most likely continue to decrease as your clickthrough rate (CTR) increases.

How is it that you get more clicks? Well, this is the $64,000 problem every PPC pro faces regular struggles with. Fortunately, in our very challenging, data-driven business there are quite a few experts who have taught how to drive more traffic from PPC ads, and they have data and examples to prove it.

We picked six of our highlights from some of the best in the PPC biz to share with you here. Read on to learn some simple tips you can use to optimize your PPC traffic, which will almost instantly help you see better results.

1. Start urgent generation with countdown timer

Countdown timers can go a long way to generating sufficient FOMO to get people to click on their ads. In a post he wrote for the Unbounce site, Johnathan Dane, founder and CEO of KlientBoost, explains how to do this.

And, as it turns out, it is much easier to add a countdown timer than microwave leftovers. All you do is add that snippet to your headline or description:

6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Ads CTR Right Now

But Johnathan doesn't just want you to take his word for this. He offers two examples where the technique worked very well.

In the first a Merkle IMPAQT ad agency began using countdown timers just before Black Friday. What they found was that ads that had the countdown timer "performed at a far higher rate than other copies."

And they also found more than just increasing their CTR, that conversions from those ads were also higher on traffic.

And over at Clarks America, with countdown timers they saw a 32 per cent CTR leap.

This is a very easy thing to incorporate and, under the right set of conditions, it seems to have great impact.

Using ad extensions to increase visibility

Google likes it when you get a higher CTR. When someone clicks, they get paid. It is in their best interests that you should get as big a CTR as you can possibly. So, they 're doing what they can to help you.

Google likes that when you're getting a higher CTR. They get paid when someone clicks on them. It is in their best interests to get as big a CTR as you possibly can. So, to support you, they 'do what they can.

"Review extensions have recently become available and showcase positive reviews, rankings, and awards from reputable sources in your advertisements. Seeing a review from a credible source gives users valuable information which builds confidence in your business. El Al, a leading Israeli airline, checked last month's extension and saw a 10 per cent CTR rise."

These are stunning statistics. Let's dig at those numbers that aren't coming from Google HQ, too.

6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Ads CTR Right Now

According to research done by Rahul Pal, a PPC expert at Receptional Ltd., review extensions will increase clicks by up to 66 percent. Rahul shows us how it was done in a poster for the Softhics Digital blog.

We put exam extensions to the test over a period of 4-5 weeks, during which time we gathered some enlightening results. The ads running the review extensions were initially displayed on around 10 percent of all ad impressions. The evidence was generally positive in terms of the CTR rates, with one review extension increasing CTR by 66 per cent. The upward trend in terms of the conversion rates was also clear.

Positive reviews mean a great deal to people who make product decisions. Nearly 90 percent of consumers say they're going to use online reviews to help them decide which products to buy, so you're definitely going to want to make sure you use those reviews to your advantage and start getting more highly qualified traffic to your pages.

3. Using symbols to get attention

Let's look at a Google search for the word "iPad." We'll only look at the ads on the right-hand side for this one, as opposed to the ones on top.

Of the five ads you see on here, which one exists out to you the most? I 'm hoping you said four or five numbers, because those are the ones I'm using to point out that symbols help make your ads stand out from the competition.

Working for The Huffington Post, Market Dominance Media's founder and CEO Jonathan Long emphasizes the importance of using symbols to attract attention to the advertising. 

"Symbols really help an ad stand out when they are properly aligned against other similar ads selling the same product or service (if it can be used correctly). Symbols really make an ad shine in a sea of text, and stand out more. "

In the example I used above you can see the difference that they make. If you can insert symbols relevant to what you're doing into your ad copy, give them a shot and see if they increase your CTR or not.6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Ads CTR Right Now

After all, if you are not noticed you can not get a click. So even though you're the bottom ad, you can still be the ad that stands out the most with a clever tool like incorporating symbols.

4. Put the main keyword you’re bidding on in the URL of your ad

Each one is about building the trust of those people who see your advertising. Adding the main keyword into an ad's URL gives readers yet another hint that your ad is the most important to their quest. They that be more confident, when they see it, that your ad provides them with what they are looking for.

Here is a great example of that in action from a Wordstream blog article written by Wistia's Margot da Cunha.

Margot shares two advertisements in the picture below, from a search she did. As you can see, one used the placement of keywords in the URL and the other didn't. Guess on which one she 'd pressed.

6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Ads CTR Right Now

Surprisingly, analysis by Wordstream reveals that out of the 580,000 ads they evaluated, a whopping 33 per cent did not use keywords in their display URL. "We consistently find that ads with keywords in their show URLs have a far higher CTR than ads without," Margot continues.

This is an amazingly easy thing to start producing more clicks, which can be achieved in seconds. No apologies. Get on with it

5. Call your readers to action to get the click

I'm always amazed at what a kick-ass call to action (CTA) can do for an ad and I was pleased to learn that the human mind is actually expecting your PPC ad to call to action. When someone watches and clicks on an ad, something deep down inside will please them. And guess what, marketer for PPC? You helped them get this done! 

Okay, not as dramatic as all of that, but it's pretty cool. Look at this one:

"However, one of the most powerful underlying forces in curiosity is not just satisfaction but excitement. The idea of an excitement of curiosity comes up when a person can see, hear, or understand something almost but not quite. A child, for instance, wants to see over a fence but isn't quite tall enough. What is it they are doing? They are either jumping, climbing or crying. The curiosity in their minds demands that their body fulfill it."

6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Ads CTR Right Now

However, one of the most powerful underlying forces in curiosity is not just satisfaction but excitement. The idea of an excitement of curiosity comes up when a person can see, hear, or understand something almost but not quite. A child, for instance, wants to see over a fence but isn't quite tall enough. What is it they are doing? They are either jumping, climbing or crying. The curiosity in their minds demands that their body fulfill it.

Google (remember how much they like clicks) suggests using your ad copy as a call to action to give your customers another reason to click. Here's what their Adwords Help section has to say:

"You sell something, do you? Ask people what to buy. Offering a service? Ask people how to get in touch with us. Calls for action such as buying, calling today, purchasing, searching, signing up or getting a quote make it clear what are the next steps. "

The CTA can be the difference between being clicked or ignored on your ad. Make sure you 're helping those who see your ad scratch that curious itch that they feel when you've got them clicking on your ad. You are going to get more clicks and they are going to breathe an inward sigh of relief.

6. Before writing a word of ad copy, get to know about audience

You want to boost the amount of traffic that you are generating, but at the same time you want to make sure the traffic you are getting is the right one.

To help you understand more about how to get to know your audience, let's see what Conversion XL founder Peep Laja has to say about how to identify your target audience online. Here's what Peep has to say on why it is so important to know your audience:

If you know that, then ...

You know who the people are, how to get to them (the blogs they 're reading, the sites they 're visiting, the stuff they 're looking for in Google, etc).

You should write a copy on your website to suit the conversation in your mind (very important!) how they explain the type of services they provide.

You know how to organize and prioritize content on your platform, how they pick and compare items in your category

What they like, your value proposition will state exactly that and 98 percent of the web site can be important to them

You can dismiss what they don't care about and cut it off the site

How can you find out who is your audience? Here are two of the approaches Peep recommends for you to use.

You can start by making assumptions

You may be working for or with a business that has no reliable data you can use to get your audience to know. In such cases, says Peep, you 're going to have to start with assumptions and informed guesses. He goes on to say that, at the very least, you want to answer these three questions:

Who are the customers on target? Describe their position in life (or business)

Which is it they want? Which is the pain?

What are their needs which aren't met?

Most likely, you'll find that some of your assumptions were incorrect as you move along and start gathering data. The good part is you got a place to get started from.

Converse with the customers

A very valuable and remarkably unexploited source of customer-wanted information (drum roll, please) ... your customers!

Peep says you should get out into the world and start talking to them once you've managed to put together a customer profile. If you can, track them down in their "natural environment," or, more accurately, in their house.

Learn all you can from these interactions, and use that knowledge to produce PPC ad copies that really meet your target audience's needs.

Don’t forget to test!

These are easy tips you can execute in just about no time. And if you're implementing any of them, it's really important that you test what you've done to make sure your audience has a positive response.

The most important thing is to ensure you get the traffic that is right for you. Do not only increase traffic for more clicks — your aim is to increase traffic for more conversions.

So, start testing at all stages of the path — from the ad to the landing page, and make sure you optimize every single aspect of your marketing campaigns.

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