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10 advantages of an ebook instead of a paper book

10 advantages of an ebook instead of a paper book

Amrit Khanna663 04-Jun-2020

 According to stat only 19% of people have read an ebook (a book in digital format) in the last 12 months, that's not much.

Yet the ebook among young people is very popular, it may be used more than its paper counterpart in the future.

We will therefore see 7 advantages of an ebook rather than a paper book. 

1. The price of an ebook 

The first criterion of choice and of course the price (43%), indeed an ebook is almost always cheaper than a paper book. Even if a book is generally not very expensive, it is the price that is the first criterion of choice when buying an ebook. If you want to save a little money when buying your book, first look if it is not available in digital format it could save you a few euros! 

2. Digitally delivered

Indeed the second criterion of choice is the transport and storage with 35%. An ebook can be read everywhere without necessarily having to carry it, you can read it on your smartphone, on your tablet or on your computer at home. No more need to carry a bag just to carry your book, with an ebook there is no more space problem!

3. Quick to receive 

Let's say you don't want to go to a bookstore, with an ebook no problem! In just a few clicks you have access to your book and can start reading it. For those who order books on the internet, for example on Amazon, there will be no delivery times here either.

4. Practice to use 

You benefit from an interactive summary, you can also annotate your ebook and immediately erase this annotation afterwards. Also benefit from a personalized library according to your tastes. Everything is possible with an ebook, change the font, change the color of the page, put the page in night reading mode, there is even an integrated dictionary.

5. New Experience

On an ebook you can include links leading to a website, this sometimes allows you to put a video link to explain a part of the book in more detail, or to put the sources of the figures that you put forward. If you sell kitchen items and you are writing a cookbook, you can put a link to the purchase of the item used in your recipe so that the person goes through you instead of someone else.

6- Easy to Update the content 

It is not uncommon to see textbooks with errors or concepts that have evolved and are no longer accurate. The process of updating a traditional textbook is cumbersome and time-consuming. Digital versions are much more flexible and simple at this level. And software like sqribble help us a lot in creating ebooks.

7. More intuitive for young people 

Thanks to digital books, more young people are starting to read. Knowing that young people no longer read a lot, digital books have allowed them to start reading by being closer to today's technology. And if you really don't like e-books, you can always buy the paper format, everyone can finally benefit from it!

People are very attached to touch (to turning the pages), it is possible that the digital book will find its place in the future. In the meantime continue to read whether it's on an ebook or not it doesn't matter, enjoy! 

8- Costs (money and environment) 

The costs of traditional textbooks are high financially, but they are also high in terms of environmental costs. At the secondary level, some paper textbooks can cost up to $80. At university, it can easily go up to $150. A digital book can easily be posted at half that cost, and it is even possible to get very good books for $20 on Apple's iBooks store. 

9.- The weight and space of the books 

Digital books are free from the constraints of time and space. For example, Amazon's new Kindle reader can store 1,100 digital books in a 206-gram device. All of these books are attached to the buyer's account.

So, if the device breaks down, it is possible to download them at no extra cost to a new reader. In addition, the weight of paper manuals is often dangerous for the backs of young children. Some students may occasionally carry 10 to 30% of their weight on their backs. 

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