An onion is a key ingredient for hair growth

An onion is a key ingredient for hair growth

We are all aware of onion as one of the key ingredients used in our food. But do u know that this little red kitchen item has magnificent properties when it comes to hair growth? Yes, onions not only add flavour to our food but also help in hair growth and prevent various types of diseases and hair conditions. These kitchen ingredients are rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties which helps us in keeping dandruff and hair loss at a bay. It is a growth-stimulating ingredient that also helps in adding volume to the hair. 

The different benefits of using onion are as follows: -

• Nourishes the hair follicle: - The proteins present in the onion helps in nourishing the hair follicle. A weak hair follicle means weak hair root, and this lead to hair breakage and loss of hair in the individual. The proteins present in the onion help in restoring the strength to these hair follicles and nourish the scalp. The onion shampoo distributors are available in every corner of the country.

• Thickens the hair: - The sulphur content present in the onion reduces the thinning in the hair. They also thicken the hair which leads to less breakage. It also makes the hair resilient to heat and pollutants.

• Relieves infections: - If a person is suffering from any type of skin infection in the scalp he should use onion-based shampoo. The anti-bacterial properties of the onion will act on the scalp and reduce the inflammation and the foam produced by the shampoo will clear off the dead germs from the scalp and avoid the formation of new active sites in the scalp.

• Shiny hair: -Shiny hair is a dream of every woman. Even the advertisements show different heroines having shiny and lustrous hair. The usage of an onion-based product and application of an onion hair mask can make the hair shiny. Permanent use of such products can make the hair shinier for a longer period.

• Anti-dandruff: - Dandruff is a big problem nowadays. With increasing pollution and heat this problem has also seen a rise in men and women around the world. Studies have shown that the acid present in the onion acts on the germs producing lice and prevents the lice from reappearing. Regular use of onion-based products can help us to have dandruff free scalp.

• Improved blood circulation: - Application of onion oil and onion shampoo on the scalp with a good massage helps in increasing the blood circulation. With more blood circulated in the scalp, more oxygen and food are being provided to the roots. This all helps in better growth and nourishment of the hair.

• Antioxidant properties: -We all are aware of the problem of premature greying of hair. Those white patches of hair become a reason for embracement among peers. Premature greying of hairs is usually caused by stress, pollution, etc. The onion contains many antioxidants which help in curing the premature greying of hair. Use the shampoo of an authenticated onion shampoo supplier.

So, we can see how a simple kitchen ingredient such as onion can be such a boon in hair care. We can use different onion products like onion oil, onion shampoo, onion hair mask, etc to get the desired results.

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