Hit and Run Accidents in Alberta; Here Is What You Need to Know

Hit-and-run accidents can be very panicky for both the victim and the driver who did it. For the driver, however, the situation becomes way scarier than the victim. His heart rate increases, he suddenly becomes breathless, and he just wants to get out of the situation. But this is where they make the biggest mistake. Not staying at the scene that was caused by them is a criminal offence on its own and can lead to dire charges.

Here is what you need to know about hit-and-run accidents in Alberta.

Hit and Run Accident

"Hit-and-run" refers to a person involved in an accident with a pedestrian, a fixed object or another moving car and then immediately fleeing the incident without reporting or identifying themselves to the police.

Whether they have caused any injury or not, escaping or running away from the accident can get you in serious trouble in Edmonton, Alberta. If convicted with the crime, you can be charged with pressing charges, including license suspension or jail time.

What Should You Do as A Victim?

If unfortunately, you have become a victim of a hit and run accident, it is not okay to be dazzled for even a second. As a driver, one should know that anything can happen on the road, and he should be prepared for everything. The first thing you need to do right after the accident is to make sure that everyone in the car, including you, are safe. In case someone is injured, call 911 right away.

After you have ensured everyone's safety, collect as much information about the accident and the driver as possible. Note down the time, place, and date of the accident. Memorize the license plate number and the color of the guilty driver's car. After that, call the police to report the accident and your insurance company to compensate for the damage.

What Should You Do as A Guilty Driver?

As a guilty driver, fleeing from the accident is the worst thing you can do in that situation. After you have been involved in the accident, it is essential to stay calm and make sure nobody got hurt. If you did hurt someone, call the ambulance and wait with them till one of their family members arrives.

Criminal Charges of Hit and Run

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, hit and run is called "failure to stop at the scene of the accident." This is considered as intentional and has severe penalties. In Alberta, the offence leads to 6 months to 5 years in jail, license suspension, and monetary fine up to $2300. In the case of physical harm, you can face up to 10 years in prison. In instances where the victim suffers from more harm or even death, the driver may be charged with criminal negligence, manslaughter, or more. 

This is how serious the charges of hit and run are. It is important to note that fighting these charges can be very challenging, and only an experienced criminal defense lawyer should be hired to do the task.

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