Best beach resorts in Bali

Best beach resorts in Bali

Bali has been recognized for its exquisite natural beauty, crystal clear waters, breathtaking wildlife and so much more!! The expansive beaches, white sand shores, lush forests, spectacular underwater wildlife are all just another reminder as to why the island is a must-visit destination for all you travelers out there. 

The island is also home to a large number of stunningly beautiful properties throughout the course of the lands. The magnificent properties are a stellar representation of the island itself, in mini landscapes with distinct views. This, in turn, provides for the perfect culmination of nature at its best combined with some amazing architectural marvels for tourists to stay in. There are varied properties for tourists to choose from while in Bali - be it the villas, homestays, hotels, or any other property of your choice, the land has something in it for the traveler in you!

Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

The ‘Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort,’ is an architectural wonder in itself, as it is located at one of the most beautiful peaks on the island. The resort is found perched right on the famous ‘ Uluwatu Cliffs,’ known to have some of the most beautiful views on the island. There is a wide array of activities for tourists to enjoy and avail within the resort - you could enjoy a dip or two into the infinity pool or maybe even enjoy an in house spa. If you’re interested in golf, they’ve got a golf course lined up for you or if you’re someone who loves your Yoga, they’ve got that part of it covered as well. Tourists can also witness one of the most stunning sunsets of the region here couples with most definitely the best, surfing paradise on the island. 

 W Bali

The ‘W Bali,’ is located in the most happening and vibrant areas of Bali, right in the heart of the Seminyak Beach. The resort houses about 299 rooms, villas, and suites and offers some of the best getaways in the whole of Bali. Tourists from across the world, come to Bali and request a stay at this very resort. You could enjoy a dip in a multi-tiered world-class pool or maybe even explore the neighborhood around your hotel region. If you’re nocturnal and love your night parties, the resort offers the best night parties and DJ nights on the island. 


The ‘Amankila,’ offers a breathtaking view for tourists who are looking to stay a couple of nights at this beautiful resort. Aptly located right in between the Mount Agung and the Lombok Strait, a magnificent view undoubtedly cannot be denied. If you love the mountains but can't get over the serenity of the waters of the beaches; both landscapes are only a turn away here. The resort gives tourists the experience to live in the rural countryside of Bali, away from the hustle and bustle of the ever buzzing Seminyak or Ubud regions of the island.

The art, culture, architecture, vibes, and very ambiance of the local region, gives tourists a distinctive insight about the land while in comparison to the heavy part life, shopping, and so forth - that is so popular on the island. Tourists could also pay a visit to the ‘Lawah Cave,’ or maybe even the ‘Floating Palace,’ and be pleasantly surprised. 

 COMO Shambhala Estate

The ‘COMO Shambhala Estate,’ is recognized as a place that doesn’t just offer tourists an exciting stay experience but also enlightens their spiritual journey through the course of their stay. It is said that the time spent here could change the path of one’s life journey forever. The resort promotes a variety of beliefs and also believes in the holistic wellness/health approach for guests staying at the property. The overall experience that guests are subjected to, is something that they’ve definitely not been part of at any of their earlier stays.  

The resort offers an entire team of trained experts and medical staff, right from yoga instructors to dieticians and even personal trainers - all in the sole motive of providing its guests with a spiritual awakening like never before. The ‘COMO Shambhala Estate,’ has a limited number of rooms, villas, and so on, most of which are found to overlook the sacred Ayung River of the region. This holistic approach by the management and team of the resort is further impressed upon as tourists walk through the lush rainforests and refreshing waters that flow throughout the estate, hoping to provide guests with a renewed experience altogether. 

Menjangan Dynasty Resort

The ‘Menjangan Dynasty Resort,’ is a luxury property on the island, providing tourists with the perfect culmination of luxury and nature’s beauty at its best. The entire resort places a huge impression on nature, right from the architecture of the villas to the eco-friendly approach of the retreats; the resorts provided tourists with the most natural and real setting as possible. There are a number of wooden villas and bamboo related spaces coupled with outdoor pools and a wide array of adventure activities as well. 

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