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Why Node.Js Is The Popular Pick For Enterprise-Grade Organizations?

Why Node.Js Is The Popular Pick For Enterprise-Grade Organizations?

Jainam Shah 821 25-May-2020

Think of an organization that is making big news with its app. The app is making all the right noise, and you have reached 400% traffic.

But, are your servers ready to handle such traffic?

There are different direct and indirect effects of traffic on your app. Then, there are service degradations to handle.

So, What Is The Perfect Solution For Enterprise-Grade Organizations?

Well, there are many technologies in the market that are apt in terms of flexibility and real-time synchronization for enterprise-grade application development. But, Node.js stands out amongst all the other technologies in the market.

Node.Js is a Javascript runtime environment with asynchronous and event-driven architecture. Enterprises can explore Node.Js to handle many concurrent requests. And that is the reason some tech giants switched to Node.Js development. These tech giants are.

  • LinkedIn
  • Netflix
  • eBay
  • Trello
  • Uber
  • Nasa

Node.Js mobile app development for enterprise apps has picked up the pace. It is the sole reason why Uber and Netflix switched to Node.Js. According to, 43% of Node.Js developers use it for enterprise applications. 

But, What Makes Node.Js Development Best Bet For Enterprises?

Let’s start by understanding, “What is Node.Js?”

Node.Js is a runtime environment based on the Javascript V8 engine(Now V8 8.1). With its latest version, Node.Js has become more powerful than ever. The new experimental async hook API will help developers explore modules outside the core framework.

Node.Js is known for its

  • Light and scalable app development platform.
  • An event-driven I/O module for network apps.
  • An asynchronous library with blocking I/O primitives.
  • Concurrent request handling makes bugs go away.
  • ECMAScript in Node.Js allows you to experiment with your features.

Now that we know what is Node.Js? You might be curious about its feasibility for an enterprise-grade solution. Let’s find out.

What Makes Node.Js A Perfect Pick For Enterprise-Grade Applications?

1. The Problem of Load:

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, the problem of load persists. You may be able to make your user-facing services efficient to handle the traffic. But, there are several internal traffic that can slow down your apps.

We began the discussion over this topic. The reason was simple. Node.Js is a server-side framework that can ease the pressure on enterprise servers. Node.Js helps enterprises handle vast amounts of requests at the same time. It even handles the concurrency on your server. 

It is simple. You need a single server instead of several parallel servers to handle requests.

2. Scalability And High-Performance:

The most important aspect of the business is CRM(Customer Relations Management). Node.Js can help enterprises achieve excellent customer satisfaction through high-performance solutions. It even helps in making CRM tools like chatbots and other interactive apps.

Javascript has been the programming language widely used for app development. And Node.Js built on the Javascript runtime environment can make scaling easier. Enterprises can hire dedicated Node.Js developers for its Javascript prowess. They can even integrate modern technologies like

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet Of Things
  • Machine learning
  • Voice Recognition

3. Interoperability:

Node.Js is an interoperable technology. For a larger enterprise looking to use many technologies, Node.Js is ideal. It can be used with other technologies like Angular.Js, Express.Js, and others. There is a whole stack of technologies called MEAN (MongoDB,Express.Js, Angular.Js, Node.Js). 

4. Libraries and Tools:

An organization can leverage Node.Js development services with Adonis.Js for websites. Similarly, for applications, Node.Js gives “hapi”. It is a rich development framework for mobile applications. Node.Js developers can use reusable app logic from hapi.

5. Node Pack Manager

Another essential Node.Js tool is NPM or Node Package Manager. Node.Js is known for its repositories. As these are open-source libraries, there are scripts you can use. But, access to libraries is done through an NPM.

A developer needs to run npm install async. Once this is done, Node.Js modules are installed directly to your directory. So, next time you try to access a particular script or code, it is already available pre-built. This way, enterprises can save time on development.


According to Statista, the total IT development expenditure by enterprises worldwide will be over $503 billion while the organization is burning huge cash behind the development. 

They need to choose the right technology. Node.Js can be their beacon of success. It is also vital for businesses to select the best Node.Js development company.

While there are several technologies, Node.Js can be perfect for backend services. 

Do you think Node.Js is worth it?

Feel free to share with us in the below comment section!

Updated 02-Sep-2020
Jainam Shah is the CEO of Moweb Technologies, a prominent mobile app development company based in USA & India having a team of best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge to leading blogging sites.

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