9 Things You Can’t Miss When Visiting Mauritius

Very famously known as the paradise island, of course people travel here for their honeymoon and for romantic getaways. Mauritius will never fall short of the beaches to visit. However, corresponding you would not have any shortcomings in finding new things to do here as well. One more added benefit of this island is that it gives you value for money and is also a year-round destination due to its tropical climate. And yes you can't resist the villas, colonial houses and the range of spa facilities here. But here is a list of things that should definitely be on the top when you plan your vacation to mauritius.

Scuba diving and various water sports - pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, why would you hold back from doing a discovery dive? You will be accompanied by a good diving instructor who will guide you through the process of diving with all the right safety measures of course! And this will probably be the best way to start off your trip, come off to the north side of the island which would be an hour drive from the airport and come straight to Mystik LifeStyle Hotel that would give you rooms with great views of the ocean and proceed for your dive. Given this is not the only water sport you can try here. Being on the coastal front this island offers activities like snorkelling, deep-sea diving, Undersea Walk, deep-sea fishing and parasailing as well. You only live once right? Just go for it!

Cycling tours - try something a little different and relaxing like cycling here in mauritius. It can be a very good exercise not only for your body but your mind. Stroll through the north of mauritius from Cap Malheureux up until all the way to Calodyne and Saint Antoine via the quaint and small villages on the way with breathtaking pine forests and sugar cane plantations. You can even try sailing for a change, breath in some fresh air and relish upon the views of the Indian ocean.

Relish the mauritian rum - a secret rum paradise, even though jamaica is known for its rum mauritius is no lesser in comparison to it. Try out white and premium rums matured in oak barrels for ages altogether. How are they made? With extensive sugarcane fields,rum is produced here with delightful distilleries. I'm sure a sip will just leave you wanting more due to the yummy texture.

Pay a visit to the Island of Rodrigues - with diverse coral reefs, flora and fauna these islands will make you instantly fall in love with. One can engage in windsurfing, kite-surfing, sailing, and fishing here on this island. Oh and abundant fresh seafood will surely leave you wanting more. It's not only this, but this island has undiscovered gems as well. If you dig deep you will be able to find beautiful waterfalls and intriguing caves as well.

Luxury stays - mauritius is all about the resort, well that's right! If you want the perfect resort here in mauritius. I suggest you check in at this beautiful resort called Four Seasons on the eastern side. This resort makes you feel like it's a destination itself with amazing facilities like a secret beach, spa and sauna, free golf session, swimming pools and amazing restaurants. Beautifully built, once you get inside you might not want to step out. Eastern side is definitely the capital of water sports as it is very windy and filled with mountains, white sandy beaches, coral islets and of course emerald green lagoons. You can go on a hiking trail here as well!

Try the street food - How can you not go on a food binge here? Mauritian Street Food is the best of all! Somehow mauritius has a unique mix of Spices, colours, and flavours that gave birth to a French bouillon laced with Indian spices! Most dishes here in mauritius offer intricate flavours with a twist. You are bound to find a mix of Creole, African, Indian, and Chinese influences on the food here. While you're here, don't miss out on trying the Traditional Creole Curry made with fresh seafood.

Spa facilities - rejuvenation of body and mind is something that is very essential and what better time to indulge in spa facilities than on a trip? Best time to just forget all the worries and stress built upon you and let it all go amidst the blue ocean. You can get any type of massages done- be it balianses, thai or just your typical foot massage. Name it, and you can avail it in your resort.

Capture the instagrammable shots - there is no better place to take your instagram worthy pictures than here in mauritius. You have beautiful beaches, the islands, tamarind falls, le mourne mountain, chamarel, botanical gardens and the lush national park too! You have just too many places that can give the picture- perfect moment. Out of all Cap Malheureux is my personal favourite.

Party with wine - Mauritius is all about the nightlife, with parties on the open beaches and international DJs. your trip would not be complete without partying here for sure. Just head out and loosen up, drink up a bit at any of the beach parties. Dance to the live music and just have fun! Grand Baie in the North of Mauritius will surely be the best place to live out your night fantasies.

To sum up, I sure do feel like Mauritius is a copy of heaven! It's never too late to have a vacation to these islands, does not necessarily have to be a leisure vacation. Mauritius is more than just your typical leisure islands, you can find a lot of things to do and you would still fall short of time. Go ahead and chalk out a map of your customised mauritius tour package, your getaway awaits you!

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