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Top 10 Inexpensive and Healthy Hair Care Tips

Top 10 Inexpensive and Healthy Hair Care Tips

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You can spend a lot of money on hair care products and often get a questionable mixture of synthetic and chemical ingredients. The hair is not always beautiful, but the toxic chemicals are absorbed into the scalp and get into the body. Natural remedies for hair loss are often not only cheaper here, but also significantly healthier and bring surprising effects, namely shiny and full hair and a healthy scalp. 

  • Toxic additives in hair care products

Your local supermarket will surely have an almost incomprehensible selection of hair care products. But you will hardly find one that consists of natural ingredients. Instead, it contains toxic chemicals that damage your hair follicles and get into your bloodstream, where they then affect your body.

  • Everything is possible, from eczema to cancer 

The most toxic ingredients in beauty and care products include sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, and parabens (methyl parabens).

Sodium lauryl sulfate has been linked to eczema, dry skin, skin irritation, hair loss, urethral infections, and even cancer.

Polyethylene glycol is a petroleum-based product that is also said to be associated with cancer.

Parabens are well-known estrogen mimics that can lead to estrogen dominance and cause symptoms such as premenstrual syndrome, uterine fibroids, and breast cancer.

  • Why the herbal extract is mostly useless

Many products are adorned with statements such as "with herbal extract", which admittedly sounds very natural. Unfortunately, the herbal extract is either only contained in minimal amounts in the product in question or it is in extremely poor company. Because of the possible advantages of an herbal extract in a mixture of phosphates, petroleum products, ammonium salts, and many other dangerous chemicals can hardly compensate for their various disadvantages.

  • Study the list of contents!

Many of these chemicals make skin and hair look nicer in the short term. But the toxic load that all these substances mean for your body - in addition to the usual environmental pollution - can one day become noticeable and contribute to the fact that your skin suddenly wrinkles and your hair becomes thinning.

So it is highly recommended to study the list of contents of cosmetic and hair care products. If you come across a term that you are barely able to pronounce correctly, let alone know what it might be, chances are it is bad for your body.

  • Only edible for hair and skin!

Whatever you use to care for your skin or hair will eventually enter your body through the skin and end up in the blood. A great rule is, therefore, the following: Everything you apply to the skin, body, and hair should be something that you could eat with pleasure. Therefore, natural oils are particularly good for skin and hair care. They provide the scalp and hair follicles with many nutrients and protect these regions from oxidative stress.

  • Natural hair care for dry hair

Dry hair is usually the result of long-lasting dehydration, poor nutrition, and the overuse of toxic hair care products.

The best oils for dry hair are olive oil (as the base oil) and a few drops of the basil essential oil and peppermint essential oil. Mix these oils and apply them to the scalp.

  • Natural hair care for dandruff

Dandruff usually results from a combination of many causes. These include poor nutrition and subsequent acidification, as well as susceptibility to fungal infections.

Other causes of dandruff are dehydration, extreme temperatures, psoriasis, unstable blood sugar, and food allergies. The natural and effective treatment of dandruff primarily includes a healthy basic diet rich in vital substances.

Accompanying this are excellent high-quality essential oils. To do this, mix a few drops of laurel oil and tea tree oil in olive oil and apply this mixture to the scalp.

  • Natural care for hair loss

Even hair loss has rarely a single cause but is usually the result of a total irritating system. Hormonal disorders, diseases, poor nutrition (over-acidification and lack of vital substances), toxins, and chronic dehydration are involved in the development of hair loss.

Some oils that are very useful for hair loss are jojoba oil, burdock oil, and rosemary oil. These oils improve blood flow in the scalp and hair follicles. This, in turn, increases the absorption of nutrients in this region of the body, helps to strengthen the hair follicles and thus activates new hair growth or stops existing hair loss.

  • The best hair care with coconut oil

Perhaps the best and extremely versatile oil that can also bring about miraculous changes on the scalp and hair is coconut oil. Coconut oil mainly consists of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). These MCTs have the perfect molecular structure to quickly penetrate the scalp and hair follicles and then efficiently improve the nutrient supply there.

  • Natural antioxidants in coconut oil

One of the most important fatty acids in coconut oil is lauric acid. The microflora on the scalp interacts with lauric acid and forms monolaurin. Fungal colonization such as Candida and other infectious agents are eliminated in this way.

MCTs also act as natural antioxidants and protect the hair follicles from free radical damage. The result of using coconut oil is not only a healthy scalp but also beautifully shiny and full hair that is easy to style.

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Dr. Khan Abrar is a skin and hair care enthusiasts. He likes to write on hair and skincare. He loves to help people with right and authentic information. He recently wrote an article for a hair transplant clinic in Mumbai and hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

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