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5 Novel App Ideas That Can Help in 2020

5 Novel App Ideas That Can Help in 2020

Pyramidion Solutions 561 16-May-2020

The general public is already suffering from mental stress during this lockdown and couldn't mind some distractions and entertainment. Also, online grocery delivery and medicine delivery applications are essential more than ever.

On the other hand, healthcare professionals are overloaded with work and working overtime. They do not have enough time to check for general health issues and emergencies, so there is a demand for more medical apps which can help both doctors and the general public. Here are 5 novel and innovative applications ideas that can help in the middle of the pandemic in 2020.

Medical Consultations Apps

Medical applications are necessary for the hour. Due to this pandemic, people are not allowed to go out of their homes, even for medical issues. In these times, medical consultation applications will be useful than ever, where people can make appointments with doctors and get some help needed for that moment.

Furthermore, if the app provides pharmaceutical services like ordering medicines and includes virtual assistance for common problems, then it will be more accessible and useful for the people.

Symptoms and Diagnosing Apps

Even small cold or regular cough had gotten people to be paranoid because of the COVID-19, and the fear of having the disease will haunt for days until that cold or cough is gone. With already soaring cases all over the world, hospitals only test patients with severe symptoms. Now, going to the hospital to check your mild symptoms is not a great idea because even if you do not have the virus, you may get in contact with it at such an environment.

Therefore, symptom tracking and diagnosing apps are essential at this time. The apps must contain all the list of symptoms for various problems. It also must be integrated with diagnosing option where if people enter their symptoms, the app will analyse and show results.

General Health and Fitness

The general health and nutrition are necessary to help fight any kind of viruses and health issues. When humans cannot depend upon medicine, they have to depend on their immunity and general health to fight. Therefore, nutrition and fitness applications are needed, as well.

People can track their daily intake of nutrition and supplements and try to eat more healthy food. The fitness app can help them to maintain an active lifestyle.

Investment Planning Apps

Global pandemic or not, businesses do not seem to stop, especially at this time, it is hard to find investors to fund for your application idea. The in-house enterprises are the ones that keep the economy going even in the midst of the crisis.

Businesses and investors both can create profiles in these applications and connect through underlying interests in application ideas.

Try-on Apps

Eventually, people need to purchase clothes and other necessary things, but shopping like usual might not work at this time. People cannot go out of the stores and touch everything to try them on, and this is why online virtual shopping is necessary where people can virtually try-on clothes to see if it suits them.

In summary, you might be overflowing with many applications ideas, but it is essential to know what exactly you want. Do you need short term or long term success? It is a crucial question to ask yourself. Nevertheless, if you're going to develop a brilliant application, then always choose a good mobile app development company that understand your business and requirements.

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We are skilled in the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms along with the proficiency in creating applications be it native or hybrid and help businesses to launch amazing mobile apps.

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