Adventurous activities to do in Rajasthan

Rajasthan beckons you with its golden sands and rustic charm. In this land of the Rajput warriors, sightseeing tour always takes first preference. But adventure is not far behind. Adventure is there wherever you look for it. Whether it’s the endless desert or the dense forests, the nomadic hamlets or the historic cities, there’s always some adventure activity or another waiting for you to do in these places.

While the Thar Desert is a vibrant playground for activities that will shoot your adrenaline levels soaring, the same desert offers activities that will calm your mind and soothe you into a deep state of relaxation. The bustling city streets also offer adventure activities of a different kind. The Aravalli Hills and forests teeming with wildlife promises to raise the level of adventure to another level.

So dive into a world of adventure on your next trip to Rajasthan and explore an entirely different perspective of this royal state. And guiding you on this trip will be Rajputana Cabs who have curated the best tour plans for tourists like you. So while you are busy seeking adventure we will help you travel to the best destinations of Rajasthan in our tourist taxi.

Some of the best adventure activities that you can do in Rajasthan are:

Dune Bashing
Just when you thought that Thar Desert is just a vast stretch of golden sand dunes and nothing else, think again!!! Because the same sand dunes have the ability to transform your perception about them.

The gently rolling sand dunes offer such high-octane activity like dune bashing. It’s quite a thrill to ride up the crests of these sand dunes and then coming down at great speed. It is an adventure that will bring excitement and pleasure at the same time.

Sam Sand Dunes near Jaisalmer is a perfect spot for dune bashing. Dune Bashing is usually done by expert drivers and use Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) like Toyota Fortuner for this purpose.

Zip Lining
Mehrangarh Fort soars high like a colossus from amidst the surrounding landscape of Jodhpur. But imagine yourself soaring in the air and viewing the fort from a bird’s eye view. Ziplining enables you to do just that and there cannot be a better place than Mehrangarh Fort to enjoy this unique adventure. Gliding over the walls and fortifications of this fort, seeing the lakes and ravines of this rugged country of Jodhpur is a wonderful experience in itself.

Around this fort, there are six ziplines ranging between 70m to 300m and operated by Flying Fox. You can see Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, Chokelao Garden, Mehrangarh Fort, Ranisar Lake, blue colored houses of Jodhpur from above. Trained instructors guide you in ziplining and you are trained in the required skill required in a practice session before the actual tour.

Horse Safari
You’ve heard of Camel Safaris in Rajasthan, but riding a horse, and that too, special breed of horses, is something that is exciting in itself. Rohetgarh is a wilderness camp site, south of Jodhpur, where you can get to ride special breed of Marwari horses. These horses belong to the desert region of Thar, and are graceful, loyal and of a strong built. They are regularly used for sports like Horse Polo and other equestrian sports, horse safari, shows, riding and even at times of war.

At the camp, you can choose from various programs ranging from an hour-long ride to a week-long riding safari. It gives you a unique opportunity to see small hamlets, the wilderness of the region, the life of tribals, and their unique culture. Guests, though, are required to know basic riding skills, and how to control the horse.

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Imagine yourself several feet into the air and viewing the city just as a bird would see. Seeing a bird’s eye view of Rajasthan is now possible in a hot air balloon. A hot air balloon ride is an adventure activity that’s unparalleled and will etch an everlasting memory of your trip to Rajasthan.

Many places in Rajasthan organizes hot air balloon safari. Jaipur, Udaipur, Ranthambore, Pushkar are the places where you can go up a balloon and see these magnificent places of Rajasthan from above. In Jaipur, hot air balloon rides are organized at Amber Palace or Amer Fort. You will be able to see the entire fort, its palaces, and the surrounding hills from above. Samode Palace, also in Jaipur, is a great place for a hot air balloon ride. In Pushkar, you can see the rugged terrain and sandy expanses from your balloon.

The hot air balloon generally goes up to a maximum height of 1200 feet from the ground. The balloon ride depends upon wind conditions on that particular day and the topography of the place. Trips usually last for an hour but it is advisable to keep aside 3 hours for you to get ready for the balloon ride. If you are afraid of heights then you can avoid going up the balloon. The balloon generally takes 4-5 people at one time.

Flying like a bird over the deserts and cities of Rajasthan gives you some of the best adventure experiences of your trip. Paragliding in Rajasthan is an adventure that will show you Rajasthan like you’ve never seen before. The open and vast treeless landscapes of the Thar Desert do not have any obstructions, and are therefore, perfect for paragliding. JaIsalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Pushkar are the places in Rajasthan where you can go paragliding.

In a Paragliding flight, you will not be alone, but an expert paragliding pilot will be with you all the time. It is the pilot who will manoeuvre the paraglider according to the wind direction. You will be sitting close to the pilot in a separate seat just enjoying the ride. You will have to wear special paragliding equipment before going flying.

Like Paragliding, Parasailing is another exciting adventure activity that you can do in Rajasthan. In Parasailing, the specially designed parachute is harnessed to a moving SUV, which pulls the parachute and the rider into the air. Parasailing gives you the same thrill as Paragliding.

The vast desert regions of Rajasthan are best places for parasailing adventures. The sand dunes of Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Pushkar are ideally suited for this sport. The rugged terrain of Udaipur, the cityscapes of Jaipur also are no less exciting for parasailing.

Wildlife Safari
Coming up close to a tiger in the open jungle is an adventure that words cannot describe!! So imagine going deep into the heart of the jungle into the tiger’s domain!! It’s an adventure that you can do in Rajasthan.

The national parks of Rajasthan are best for such a wild adventure. Ranthambore National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary are the best places to spot wildlife in their natural habitat. There are others too like Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary near Udaipur, Desert National Park near Jaisalmer where you might come face to face with wild animals. Wildlife enthusiasts, nature photographers and even tourists will love this one-of-a-kind adventure activity.

Camel Safari
Nothing will show you the desert life of Rajasthan better than a camel safari. Sitting on a camel’s back and riding deep into the Thar Desert is an adventure activity that you must do on your next trip to Rajasthan.

There are many places which offer you a camel safari tour in Rajasthan. But the best ones are the desert regions near Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Bikaner, Barmer, and Jodhpur. The undulating sand dunes, the golden sunrises and sunsets, the rustic village life, the nomadic tribes, and the teeming wilderness are some of the many sights to experience on a camel safari. And of course, you will come to know more about the camel itself and understand its amazing ability to survive in the harsh desert landscape.

Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes near Jaisalmer, Osian Sand Dunes near Jodhpur are very famous for their camel safari tours. The duration of the camel safari may depend upon you. It generally lasts for an hour and may go up to 1-2 days. The camel safari includes a camel ride into the desert areas, sunset views, staying in desert camps, stargazing, dinner under the starry night, waking for sunrise views, gypsy dance and folk music.

If there is one adventure that you must do in Rajasthan, it is trekking and hiking. The Aravalli Hills, the hilltop forts, the rugged and rocky terrain, all combine to make Rajasthan one of the best destinations for trekkers and hikers.

The rugged and rocky countryside on the outskirts of Jaipur and Udaipur offer some of the best trekking trails. The entire region between Kumbhalgarh Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, and Ranakpur Temple near Udaipur is best for trekking. In Jaipur, the three hilltop forts of Nahargarh, Jaigarh and Amer are perfect for trekking.

You will come in close contact with small hamlets, scrublands, meadows, thorny forests, nomadic tribal people and wildlife of this region. You will be surrounded by natural beauty which is best experienced only while you trek up the hilly regions of Rajasthan. There are other trekking trails in Rajasthan near Alwar, Mount Abu, and Pushkar which too are exciting in their own unique ways.

Peak physical fitness is required for trekking and you should carry sufficient water, food, medical kit, and other trekking essentials while trekking. A map of the region is of utmost importance and also GPS enabled smartphone and a compass will come in handy in your trekking trip.

Pitching a tent under the open desert, right under the starry sky of Rajasthan is an adventure that must be done to experience the true beauty of this desert state. Camping may not be as thrilling an activity as it sounds, but it is just as refreshing and soothing.

Camping in Rajasthan comes in all its varied ways, be it night time camping, or camping in the middle of a jungle, or on the shores of a tranquil lake. But there is nothing like camping in the middle of the endless Thar Desert near Jaisalmer. There are a number of desert camps in Sam Sand Dunes, a sandy area near Jaisalmer. There are Swiss camps, with luxuries and comforts, folk dance and music, camel rides, barbeque dinners, stargazing and other activities.

Pushkar, Mount Abu, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore National Park, Sambhar Lake, Bikaner, Jodhpur… there are these and many other places in Rajasthan which will give you the most memorable camping experience of your life.

Water Sports
You may be surprised to know that Rajasthan has many places where you can do some water sports activity. While Rajasthan has no ocean to boast of, it has many man-made and natural lakes, which offer some exciting water based activity to do.

Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur, Ramgarh Lake near Jaipur, Siliserh Lake in Alwar, Chambal River in Kota, Gomati River near Udaipur are places where you can do a variety of water sports activity, Most common are water rafting, para sailing, boating, banana boat rides, water zorbing, jet skiing, and motor boat ride.

Life jackets are provided in all places for safety. Trained personnel will guide you and be with you at all times to protect you from mishaps and accidents. Though it is not necessary that you know how to swim, it is a basic requirement in some occasions.

Cycling is a unique way to explore Rajasthan. If you like riding a cycle then Rajasthan offers some of the best places and cycling trails. And add the rustic and rocky terrain, the dusty roads, the hilly landscapes and cycling becomes even more exciting.

Udaipur is best destination for cycling. The rough countryside around Udaipur is ideal for cycling enthusiasts. Kumbhalgarh Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Ranakpur Temple, Mount Abu are perfect cycling circuit you can try. There are other places too like Jaipur, Shekhawati Region, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Bundi, Pushar, Bharatpur, Sariska, etc where you will find cycling routes.

You may have to invest in a proper geared cycle for this purpose. The best advantage of cycling is that you travel at your own pace, and rest at your will on the route. While you refresh yourself, you may even trek to nearby places and come back to cycling. It is the simplest but equally thrilling adventure activity that you may do in Rajasthan.

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