Which is a better language for a career, Java or PHP?

Which is a better language for a career, Java or PHP?

Below we will be briefly discussing about them, so you can decide which one you best for you.
Why should you learn Java?
Easy learning
It may seem quite surprising to you, but it is the fact. When you have steep curve of learning, it becomes hard getting productive within a short time span and that is the case with many professional projects.
The syntax in Java is more or less like fluent English with minimal magic characters, to give an example, Generics angle brackets, making Java program easily readable, convenient to learn.
Once you get to understand the initial hurdles with setting up PATH and installing JDK, knowing about Classpath, you will be capable of write Java program easily.
Knowing the object-oriented language
It is another significant factor that makes Java a popular programming language. It is easy to develop OOP applications and it is useful for keeping system flexible, modular and extensible.
Essential concepts of OOP such as Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and inheritance can be used in Java. Java embodies various design patterns and many practices in its library.
Rich API
Java is API rich which is very much visible, as it is associated with Java installation. Java API is available for almost everything that may include networking, I/O, utilities, database connection, XML parsing and so on. The rest is clothed through open source libraries including Apache Commons, Jackson, Google Guava, Apache POI etc.
Strong development tools
Tools like Netbeans and Eclipse are quite important factors in popularizing Java as a programming language. If you are familiar with coding in Notepad or DOS Editor, it will be a pleasure for you to code in IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
They assist completing the coding, providing a strong debugging ability that is important for real world development. IDE makes Java development, quicker, fluent and more comfortable. Use of IDE allows easier searching, refactoring and reading code.
Why should you learn PHP
Looking for the answers of PHP interview questions? Do not stop reading. PHP is quite popular in the realm of programming language and developers use it for building dynamic web applications which are connected with MySQL database. PHP is associated with lots of benefits which can help you to develop something distinguished. PHP Installing and setting-up is certainly easy and it also offers various functionalities just like a paid or proprietary scripting language.
PHP is easy to learn
Even if you are new in programming, you can easily learn PHP. You do not need to invest much time to study a manual which makes it convenient to learn this programming language. A single file of PHP is sufficient to build a entire web page.
Free of cost
As we know that it is an open source language, PHP is free of cost. The developer’s community of PHP provides outstanding technical support. All the elements of PHP are free and can be distributed.
User friendly
It won’t be wrong to say that PHP is a user-friendly language, giving more facilities compared to C++ and ASP, assist to improve traffic to the websites.When it is about developing a complex, user friendly as well as dynamic web application, the developers prefer PHP.
Supporting leading databases
PHP is the most advantageous scripting language because it supports all the key databases such as MySQL, SQLite, and ODBC and so on.
Helpful community
The extensive community of PHP developers updates online help, documentations, tutorials and FAQs regularly. If you face any problem to use PHP, you can get all the requisite information here. Now you are all set to answer PHP interview questions.
Do not neglect the fundamentals. No matter which programming language you are willing to learn, getting the basics properly is the most important thing. If you want to be a professional and successful programmer, you have to work on developing your patience.

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