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How Artificial Intelligence can help to prevent COVID-19?

How Artificial Intelligence can help to prevent COVID-19?

Harry Liam 772 20-Apr-2020

We have now entered into a time when the world is suffering from the biggest ever pandemic. During this time, one of the most efficient technology of Artificial intelligence is playing its role in taking control. Undoubtedly, the past contributions of AI are remarkable and so is expected this time. 

When the human manpower is truly demonstrating the practical version of that Winston Churchill ones stated "weeks of strain, sweat, and tears await us" the technology too is not lacking behind. It’s the first-ever when every professional has realized that if only hospitals were equipped with enough robots to take over the healthcare facilities and services, the doctors wouldn’t be suffering this much.AI has emerged as the ultimate weapon to find the cure and to eradicate the disease. Measure are being taken to utilize its capabilities to end this pandemic.

AI Contributes To Fight COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence is contributing to finding out the vaccine and the real cause of its spread. It is proving itself to be the ultimate technology transformation in Healthcare.It is also playing a role to replace doctors with robotics at the hospitals. The AI bots are processing huge data and information to reduce the spread and to help in treating the patients by screening their test results and data. Furthermore, AI is finding out potential treatments.

The Semantic Scholar Project is based on finding out and processing tons of data to analyze over ten thousand scientists research to come closer to making the cure. All of it is going on at the Seattle’s Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. The researcher DeCario stated that, “Literature-based discovery has tremendous potential to inform vaccine and treatment development, which is a critical next step in the COVID-19 pandemic.”

AI integrated Computer models Created Infected Cells

Artificial Intelligence has help in understanding the different shapes and sizes of Coronavirus. It’s crucial to identify the spikes preset in such a deadly virus; however, with the help of AI things have become easier. At the CORD-10 Explorer, over dozens of researches were analyzeduntil the final face of the virus appeared.

The University of Washington first mapped out the spikes of the virus and is now working on identifying ways to neutralize the virus. They are working on finding the protein designs that can disinfect the patients or save the healthy cells from getting infected.

Disease Surveillance AI

It's important to analyze human activities as the spread of the crisis is attributed to human migration from one country to another. The infected ones are traveling across the world spreading the disease. The new bot innovated at Canada- BlueDotis integrated with AI and has the capability to process natural language, and machine learning. The bot is used to track the spread of the virus and is gathering and processing large amounts of data to prepare accurate reports. These reports are helping the World Health Organization to come up with the right precaution. Furthermore, it is expected that in the near future technology will be able to identify the zoonotic prediction of when the virus is about to arrive in the world.

Virtual Healthcare Assistants

This pandemic has given rise to telemedicine, which is easy to formulate due to the presence of Artificial intelligence.The rise in patient counts has created medical emergencies. But the alarming situation occurs when the number of beds and the doctors on field became less and the patents count increased massively. To level up the gap Ai bots are used in this field. With the help of Bots like Chabot’s patents are given proper instructions and assistance as to how they can protect themselves and self-quarantine at home. Since there is no cure available in the market, even the hospitals cannot be the ultimate option to visit at this time. The multi-lingual virtual agent is now helping to guide the patents about what they can do.

Diagnostic AI

There are two diagnostics that are required currently- one to know when and how the quarantine could be effective and the second one is to get proper screening reports and evaluation of each patient to know how much is he or she is affected. The later one is however being assisted with the help of AI. The AI bots are processing information and helping to identify the results as quickly as possible. From analyzing the CT scan to reading thousands of CT images the bots are assisting to fulfill the manpower gap.

Fever Detector AI

On a large scale the AI bots are used to detect the fever. The rise in body temperature is one of the most common symptoms of Coronavirus and at every level the detectors get installed all across the world which quickly shows the result of the body temperature indicating if the person is susceptible to getting infected or not. Moreover, with the help of ASI facial recognition steps in the government level were taken to ensure that every single citizen wears the mask and get himself covered to stay protected. These measures would have impossible to carry out without the help of AI.

AI Robots and Drones For Surveillance

To make sure that public is following the orders to socially distance themselves in order to stay protected, AI drones are now being used to carry out the massive survey. Robots and drones are playing roles to find out the regions that are not following the orders. Moreover, not only for the surveillance drones are now being used as a source to supply medication to the affected ones around the regions to save the life of those who are involved in the delivery process. The AI robots are now also being used to sterilize the environment. With the help of UV light, the robots are killing the germs from the environment and disinfecting the surroundings. All of these measures are helping the governments around the world to take control of this disease or at least lessen its deadly impacts.

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