6 Seo Tips That Increase Your Search Rankings

6 Seo Tips That Increase Your Search Rankings

When starting a business, a lot comes at you. Administration, equipment, housing, but also your website. An important topic for many entrepreneurs is search engine optimization. After all, you want your website to be found. SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring (potential) customers to your website. That is why we give you 6 SEO tips in this article. Good content in combination with the right topics and keywords has a long-term effect on the findability of your website and therefore your company. If your content scores well, chances are that it will continue to score.

Of course, SEO is much more complex than adding a few keywords to your website. If you want to know more about this, read the blogs we wrote about SEO. But if the base is right, it almost always gives results. The importance of a well-findable website is also reflected in the following facts:

  • 56% of the world population will use the internet in 2019
  • Every second, 77584 searches are done in Google
  • On average, an internet user does 3.4 searches per day
  • 52.2% of all internet traffic comes from a smartphone.

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Understand the search behavior 

When you start optimizing your content it is important to know the search behavior of your target group. This way you are better able to create suitable content for your visitors. Keyword research will help you with this. Local search is also increasingly emerging. This is good news for small entrepreneurs because in searches that include a place (such as 'Hosting in Zwolle') it is more likely that the website of a local entrepreneur is first shown on a search results page. Not only a place name in search results in local searches. Does a viewfinder have his location on his phone? Then search engines show results that are near the viewfinder faster.

  • Searches consist of an average of three words
  • Local searches have grown as much as 150%
  • In the past year, 300 million photos have been shared on Google Maps.

6 tips you can apply today

Search engine optimization can give your business the boost it needs. Today, many companies operate online. That is why it is essential that you target the right target group on your website.

But how can you best do this? SEO is not just using the right keywords, as many people think. Of course, this is very important, but there are other ways that are often forgotten. We, therefore, share 6 tips that ensure a better ranking.

Site Speed

Everyone likes fast websites. In fact, we get annoyed when we have to wait a long time for a page to load. The speed of your website is, according to Google, one of the most important ranking factors for a search engine. It is therefore important for both mobile and desktop that your website loads quickly, because a slow website often ensures a high bounce rate. These are the people who leave your website within 10 seconds. Sounds like little time, but our attention span is small and there is always someone else who does offer a good website experience and therefore a fast website.

Indexing Indexing

your website pages in Google is a requirement to make your website findable. But how do you know how many pages of your website are indexed? There is a formula for this. Indexing = number of pages according to the Google Index vs. the number of pages on your website. You can find this information in the Search Console. The next question is: how do I index my pages? Google has written a guideline for this. If you follow this guideline, you add value to the users of the website and your website is more likely to rank better in search engines.

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You can think of your website as a house: every page is a room in that house. An XML sitemap is the floor plan of your home. With such a sitemap you make it easier for Google to find and index all pages of your website. Via a sitemap you tell Google exactly which pages you have, so that Google does not have to figure it out for itself.

Https websites

We have all seen 'http' or 'https' in the top left of the browser. Do you know the difference between the two? The 's' in 'https' stands for 'secure', this means that your website is secured with an SSL certificate. Why is this important? If you communicate with a website and thereby share personal information such as your bank account number or passport details, you want your details to be sent securely. An SSL certificate encrypts the data, so that third parties can no longer read it.

An https website prevents hackers from stealing privacy-sensitive information. Google prefers a safe website compared to websites without an SSL certificate. So in addition to protecting the privacy-sensitive information of your visitors, it is also good for your SEO position.

Editing and updating your old content

You have undoubtedly written content for your website. Whether for blogs or website pages, your old content is a gold mine of SEO opportunities. It is good to check the bounce rate of 'old' content on your page. Do you notice that a bounce rate on a certain page is higher than desirable? Adjust the content on the page to make it current again.

For example, do you have a tech website? Then add updates to old articles. This way you can add new features to a product that you have ever reviewed. This way you keep the article current and relevant.

Make backlinks

Links that refer to your website are called backlinks. A backlink creates a kind of trust between both websites, in fact it indicates that other websites see the content on your website as valuable. It can help to have a domain name that contains important keywords . For example, if you have a tech website, the .tech extension is suitable for your website. Other examples of relevant keywords in an extension are .site , .online and .space .

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