Best Job Search Sites for Students

Best Job Search Sites for Students

With the evolution and growth of the internet, most students are turning to the internet to search for jobs. Though there are hundreds and thousands of job sites on the net, not all of them will give you desirable results.

The majority of student job seekers would prefer sites that are user friendly and offer them optimal results or land them a job quickly. Below, we present you with top job sites with not only great features but also address specific job hunters needs:


LinkedIn can be used to search for any type of job. It focuses primarily on connecting professionals in the same field of expertise as well as people with job vacancies. With a LinkedIn profile, you can be able to sell your competency out there more effectively than a resume.

LinkedIn offers several job filters which include location, keyword, job title, and company name. It also offers lots of forums for information sharing besides the fact that it is optimized for all platforms including mobile phones.

It is actually the best site for showcasing career achievements and professional networking. One of the platform’s drawback is the fact that you have to pay for the upgrade in order to access premium features like email alerts.


Though Craigslist does not specify job ads but everything including used items, it is one of the best sites for a local job search in all industries. Users can access short term jobs besides full and part-time jobs.

Craigslist is not only mobile-friendly but also allows job filters such as the town, category or keyword. A major demerit of the site is the fact that the site is that the name of the company offering jobs is not always accessible to job hunters as it allows the posters to use anonymous contact information.

The site is good for those seeking internships and entry-level positions though it also allows for periodical and part-time jobs. Even, if you are a student you will have time to get homework help online.

It provides listings for the best companies as well as detailed information on recruiters. The user can also access a lot of insights on resume writing. The only setback of the site is that it does not have an advanced search option.


the site offers students an easy way to attract the attention of the employer. The site has grown greatly with time. This includes the addition of career advancement and advice programs on the platform.

With a built Monster profile, you can apply for a job using a single click. The site also offers several filters which include keyword search, company name, category and job title. Note you need to examine all contact details for recruited carefully to avoid spam.


This is a job search site specializing only on tech jobs and is ideal for students in this field. It offers offers both novel and experienced professionals with a chance to grow their skills and access to new opportunities.

The site allows job posting based on location, level of competency and interest. The job finders can also access advice, tech news and also post their resume. However, positions from small tech companies may not be featured here.

The are many more great sites to help students land jobs easily. This includes, Glassdoors, Idealist, and government job sites. Always remember to examine all jobs carefully before sharing your information to avoid scams.

Last updated:4/18/2020 5:12:49 AM
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