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Hybrid is Dying! React Native eCommerce Mobile Apps are the Current Trends. Why So?

Hybrid is Dying! React Native eCommerce Mobile Apps are the Current Trends. Why So?

Mobicommerce661 16-Apr-2020

Mobile apps are outgrowing websites. The Google and Apple app stores are already flooding with countless mobile apps and why not? as apps have become a basic need in the life of humans today. When it began, there was not much of a choice in the mobile apps and people adjusted with what they got but now, before getting an app on their smartphone, people checkout every bit of it right from its design, performance, security to functionality, everything.

Although it all started with a single technology, i.e., Native app development which required different developers to build applications on different platforms i.e. Android and iOS which increases the cost of development, today, with the introduction of React Native which is a free and open-source cross-platform, mobile application development has now a whole new trend.  

Mobile application developed on React Native platform – an exceptional and unique framework exclusively embedded with matchless tools, modules, and state of the art structure started to gaining fast ground as soon as they entered the market. Its cross-platform ability which means it supports both Android and iOS frameworks with just single coding not only spares development time and cost but also gives smooth-running apps just like the native ones, made it all so popular. Here's more to it why React Native is slowly killing the trend of native apps.  

1. Single code, multiple uses 

The best part about using React Native is you need to write code once. Unlike in native, where different coding has to be done for Android and iOS, the codes in React Native written once can run anywhere. In fact, the same code can be reused for web applications as well which means a huge saving of time and cost.

2. Interactive and easy UI development 

UI matters the most in any mobile app and with React Native, you can make it more effective as the interface in it is deployed with CSS-like stylesheets which allow you to mark the components margins, height, borders, and width, along with fonts and colours. With an inclination towards the JavaScript library, React Native offers responsive and creative designs and overall, the UI output has high flexibility and good responding time. There is no need to stress about browser’s compatibility as well as the loading time as all of it is taken care of by React Native well and good.

3. Community-driven  

The community of React Native is very friendly and supportive. Every developer can share the portfolio and ideas which are available to all the community members around the globe in it and thus exchange a wide range of ideas to write the code among themselves. React Native community also welcomes questions and discussions from developers which the experts of the community attend and respond on-time and encourage growth and confidence in them.

4. Cost-effective  

React native app development services are budget-friendly since you only require to hire a React Native Developer who will help your business to propel through the effective React Native for mobile app development by saving your development cost and time. Designing and developing a mobile app is not a piece of cake especially for startups with limited funds and small-scale businesses but, with React Native apps one can achieve results in a short time overcoming the cutting-edge competition in this tech-savvy world.

5. Instant Live Updates 

The trouble of updating comes to an end in React Native apps because React Native uses JavaScript which allows you to release the updates directly. There is no need to go through the app store as some handy tools in it enable you to launch the updates instantly. With Javascript at its core, updating an app is quite simple and easy to streamline in React Native.

6. Other perks  

To add more, React Native supports the third-party plugins without any hassle. It includes native modules and JavaScript modules in its package which gives the user a wide range of options available to make an app user-friendly and feature-rich. Moreover, React Native is known for its process of data binding which increases the stability and reliability of the application more than you find in the native apps.


It is not that hybrid app development is all of a sudden a big waste or will be dead soon but, looking at the present scenario and demand for React Native app development and with its multiple benefits such as native performance, shorter development cycle, faster turnarounds, low development cost etc., it definitely appears to be future for mobile app development.

So, if you too are interested in developing the next level React Native mobile app that benefits your business, acquire the react native app development services from the top-notch react native mobile app development company to make the most out of it.  

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