11 Commonly Repaired Problems on Diesel Engines

11 Commonly Repaired Problems on Diesel Engines

Being a truck owner at this time is excellent. With diesel prices going down, it’s now far more economical to own diesel vehicles. Diesel vehicles are great and come with extra power, however, they are not invincible either. If the engine is not serviced regularly and properly, the internal combustion can cause very serious damage to it.

11 Commonly Repaired Problems on Diesel Engines

Here are some common diesel engine repairs that you may face along the way: 

Oxidized Oil

Diesel trucks that have been sitting in one place for long or ones that are operated infrequently or remain in various storages often experience oil oxidizing. Oxidized oil is what we get when air gets in between oil molecules, creating air bubbles that can interfere with the lubrication process.

Oxidized oil can lead to huge engine damages and hence you need to get it changed as soon as possible. 

Humidity Reactions

Water is another element that can potentially enter the engine oil and make the engine knock. If your engine idles for too long in a humid or wet region, then water may enter the engine and cause it to make a knocking sound.

Water can also lead to oxidation that affects the lubrication and damages the engine. 

Black Smoke

Diesel trucks emit more smoke than traditional vehicles, they can also stink up the cab making it difficult to breathe. You can also be slapped with a fine for polluting the air.

A faulty injector, injector pump, air filter, EGR valve, or even turbocharger could be the root of the problem. Now you should always report engine troubles to a trusted mechanic who specializes in the care of diesel engines. In case you need to exchange some parts check out aftermarket performance products offered by Canadian Diesel Online and alike. Warehouses usually offer a huge selection of parts at very competitive prices. 

Hard Starting

Some diesel engines have difficulty in starting up due to low compressions. Sometimes an engine may crank a little when the vehicle is started, but if it takes a considerable amount of time to start, it is wise to go ahead and get the engine checked.

11 Commonly Repaired Problems on Diesel Engines

Lack of Power

If your truck faces any fuel-related problems, then you might face a lack of power. This can be noticed when you start the vehicle or accelerate.

Failing Lead-Acid Battery

Lead-Acid batteries play a major role in starting a diesel vehicle. If the battery is faulty or damaged, then your diesel truck can be hugely affected.

Defective Glow Plug

Diesel engines have glow plugs that ignite the mixtures in the engine to help start the engines. They do not contain traditional spark plugs to ignite the mixture.

11 Commonly Repaired Problems on Diesel Engines

Contaminated Fuel

Diesel can be contaminated easily and more than gasoline. If any fuel contaminants such as water, soot, glycol or dilution enter the engine, then it can lead to major damages.

Higher Compression Ratio

Diesel engines have higher compression ratios(20:1) than an average gas-powered engine vehicle(18:1). This makes diesel vehicles much more powerful, efficient and smooth but it can also cause various problems.

The higher compression ratio can be the reason for your engine knocking, erratic burn patterns and fuel injection problems. 


Any amount of extra noise from a diesel engine can be a sign of something wrong. Diesel engines are known to be louder than other engines but any weird or change in the noise can be a sign. It can be knocking of an engine or problems with fuel injectors causing compression and performance issues.

Weight Viscosity

Hard starting can be the sign for the wrong weight viscosity in the engine lubrication. The diesel engine lubricants have a higher viscosity than the ones in gasoline engines. It’s best to use multi-viscosity oil throughout the year for diesel engines.

When you need to get your truck serviced or checked, you can head over to any mechanic or specialist and as a driver, you need to maintain your truck well. The more you ignore the signs, the more repairs you may end up with and more damaged the truck may get.  

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