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7 Most common mistakes to avoid while purchasing travel agency software!

7 Most common mistakes to avoid while purchasing travel agency software!

Mugdha Dalal 620 09-Apr-2020

As human beings are incomplete if they don't commit any mistake but there are ways to rectify those mistakes or to prevent them from occurring. Which option sounds better? Of course, the second one as prevention is always better than cure. The same holds in the case of professional life when we have to take any decision for our business. One false step may ask us to leave our job. Let's cut to the chase now. Here we are focusing on the travel industry. As we all now agree that the use of automated technology has been the basic requirement of Travel Company's survival in the huge competition, its selection process must be given special attention. Travel agency software is automated travel technology for the travel industry that has the power to fulfil the thrust of the travel industry's demands. So here are few guidelines for travel companies/tour operators/travel agents/travel agencies to make a perfect choice of travel agency software by avoiding these seven most common mistakes.

1. Unclear Requirements: Never think of buying any travel agency software with unclear requirements of the software. This is a very common mistake that can be done by travel owners. If as a travel agent you are not clear with what features you are looking for in tour operator software and your current as well as future travel business goals then that might lead to the wrong decision. Before making a purchase decision, these few things need to be set in mind which in turn, eases out the process of travel agency software purchase or selection. 

2. Poor Support System: Many times considering only the core features of the software and forming decision based on that parameter does not work. Every travel company needs to keep a broad vision in terms of the selection process. Let us consider the travel software you bought is very good in terms of performance but what if the support system is not good as many times you might be stuck somewhere or may find difficulty while using a particular feature of the software and further implementation is not possible unless and until proper support is provided by the development company. This will bring all your operations on hold and will result in further process delays, frustration and many more. So the 24*7 support feature becomes a mandatory parameter. Travel companies should always consider this factor and should check if the support available is multi-channel. 

3. Lack of Customization Parameter: Now as we earlier discussed that travel company should be familiar with the requirements of travel software, this factor holds specific importance. Many travel companies make a mistake of ignoring the customization factor. Buying standardized software would not address all problems of Travel Company as every company differs in terms of software requirements and here customization plays a vital role. Travel companies should check if they can get the customization done to the possible extent before buying it.  

4. Not Involving Employees in Decision Making: This is a common mistake that Travel Company can commit. After all its employees are going to use the software, so their opinion always matters. Employee's feedback can serve a great source of input in case of purchase decision even if you are planning to switch to software or you are planning to buy a new software. They can better express their requirements from new software based on previous system flaws or difficulties faced while managing everything manually. So their voice should always be considered. 

5. Improper Training: Training is as important as the support parameter in the software selection process. Any software development company can give basic training of the software, so our job is to consider a company that provides in-depth training or demonstration of the travel agency software. 

6. In adaptive to the Latest Technology: Technology can never be constant and it should never be. As multiple challenges will keep on coming so there should always be an emerging advanced technology to conquer with these upcoming challenges and problems. So checking this technology parameter while making purchases becomes critically important. Travel owners should always check if the software supports the latest running technology in the market. The software should be adaptable to current technology. 

7. Improper Analysis of the Vendor's Website or Software: While purchasing software this should be ideally the very first step. Travel owners can get an idea of many things like the maintenance of the website, testimonials written by clients from the vendor's website. The vendor's website can create a first impression on the travel owner to make a decision. Testimonials by clients can act as an input to form a decision. 

The Bottom Line: It may take a few minutes to make a wrong decision but forming a wise decision may take longer than expected but it is always worth it as it is going to be a one-time investment with lifelong amazing perks. This way by avoiding the above mentioned 7 common mistakes, travel owners can make a perfect choice of tour operator software for travel business management and save themselves from a huge loss that would have occurred due to the wrong choice. 

Mugdha Dalal

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