Digital Marketing Trends: Putting Website Visitor at the Forefront

Digital Marketing Trends: Putting Website Visitor at the Forefront

We are already into the third month of the year and now is the ideal time to address your business’ marketing strategy and ensure that it is in the right state to have a maximum impact this year. As with other years, this year presents new trends which every digital marketing agency will be focusing on, and what we are seeing more and more is the emphasis on the quality of websites and the user experience of the website visitor.

Within this, there is going to be a key focus on bringing more traffic to your website as well as ensuring that they are wowed when they arrive. In order to ensure that you get this aspect of marketing right for your business this year, here are some tips on ensuring the visitor experience is enough to ensure they stick around.


In terms of getting the visitor to your site SEO will still play a key role in this and there should be a real focus on the quality and the accuracy of the content which is being produced. Always ensure to maintain a high standard of content and utilize relevant keywords in order to help the content rank highly.

Everything They Need to Know

Something which we are noticing more and more is the lack of patience which people have these days when they hit a website. This means that you really don’t have much time to help the customer understand what you are all about, as they won’t be sticking around. It is for this reason that the landing page should deliver, colours and styles can be used to indicate the type of site which it is and they should also expect a clear and succinct description of who you are and what they can expect.


You should always ensure that you regularly check the site for any broken links or 404 errors which may appear, as well as any images which are web-linked that no longer exist at the source. These are big turn-offs for people who are looking at your website and if you haven’t addressed these issues you can expect to find that people won’t hang around as they will question the quality of your business based on this.


There should be a real focus on making sure that navigating around your website is super simple. A great metric which you can use to see whether or not people move around the site is the bounce rate, and you should look for it to be as low as possible, an indicator that people are switching between pages. Through the use of clear menus and well-positioned hyperlinks, you can certainly encourage people to move around the website with more frequency.

Calls to Action

As anyone working in a digital agency will tell you, there is a real need to have calls to action on your website and they can actually help you to create a really high-quality email list or a successful social media profile. With this being said, however, you cannot do this in a way which is annoying or over the top, as you run the risk of overwhelming the visitor which will have the opposite effect.

Focus on the website visitor this year when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Last updated:4/10/2020 3:38:46 AM
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