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Best Places in Tulsa for Real Estate - Top Counties and Suburbs

Best Places in Tulsa for Real Estate - Top Counties and Suburbs

How Youdo828 08-Apr-2020

Before we highlight the best places in Tulsa, let's find out a few things.

Tulsa is the largest city in Oklahoma going by several nicknames including “Oil Capitol of the World”, “Tulsey Town”, and “Buckle of the Bible”. Venturing into Tulsa, one would feel the serene vastness of the city. The city houses the 54th largest metropolitan region in the US accounting for 25% of the entire population of Oklahoma.

“A New Kind of Energy” is the motto of the city and this signifies the energetic sensuousness of the oil capitol city. Tulsey Town, as nicknamed, stands firmly between the Osage Hills and the foothills of the Ozark Mountains towards northeast Oklahoma and on the gleaming Arkansas River.

It is sparingly surrounded by 2 suburbs with the ring of the suburbs making up the urban area of Tulsa. The city is the navigation head of the Arkansas River centered by reservoirs, artificial lakes and a contagious but not-too-serene atmosphere.
The city of Tulsa houses 7 counties commonly called the Green Country and 16 suburbs of 2 rings each with 8 suburbs. We will identify the hottest metropolitan and suburbs to buy real estate in Tulsa.

Tulsa County

Tulsa county has an area totaling 587 square miles of which 570 square miles is land while water occupies 17 square miles. The atmospheric condition of the city is oceanic and embraces the soul every resident, especially during evening sit-outs. Furthermore, water transportations are relevant owing to the presence of a surrounding water network and very much one of the best places in Tulsa.

Tulsa County is the second-most populous county in Oklahoma filled with top industries. It is an amazing county with great economic development and excellent fiscal strategies engaged by the authorities. The artfully refined city was founded in 1907 and has participated earnestly in an industrial building. This sparks the city’s glowing altitude in terms of income from industrialization and diversifications to other productive sectors.

Rogers County

Located in the northeast part of Oklahoma, Rogers county records a population of 86,905 and is seeded as the 6th largest counties in Oklahoma. This county is a green and breezy county. Hotter days receive cold during the evenings of the day, especially towards the riverside. The county was originally occupied by the Arkansas Band of the Osage Nation.

During the 18th century, Rogers County became a town of two villages; Pasuga and Pasona, which eventually changed to Claremore in honor of an Osage chief. Today, the county is named after Clement Vann Rogers who was prominent for ranching in the town. Rogers county, although not as populous as Tulsa, has been proactive in its industrial affairs such that it remains one of the top-earning counties in Oklahoma. This is one of the best places in Tulsa you would not want to miss out.

Wagoner County

Oklahoma is prominent for industries and Wagoner County is not left behind. The economy of Wagoner County waxes larger from time to time despite the slim but adventurous population. The largest income industries in Wagoner are the mining, quarrying and oil and gas, management enterprises and utility sectors. Through these sectors, Wagoner County has been able to stamp its fiscal prowess authority among other top counties in Oklahoma.

The county accounts for an unemployment rate slated at 3.5% which is 0.4% higher than the US average. Furthermore, it is projected to become better beyond 2020. An average income salary earner in Wagoner earns $25,239 annually which is just $3,316 less than the average US earner. Wagoner for real estate investment? Definitely, the neighborhood to place your bet for high returns.

Creek County

Creek County is bordered by 6 counties including Pawnee, Tulsa, Okmulgee, Okfuskee, Lincoln, and Payne counties. Real estate investment in Creek County gives an investor a ‘green land’ access to other counties at ease. The evenings in Creek County arrive with overwhelming cold but the tempo is not as oceanic as those of the counties near the waters. The economy of Creek is based on Agriculture, oil and gas, and livestock farming. Talking of real estate, Creek County is one of the least explored counties with high returns on investments. The town opens investors to newer opportunities which means to swiftly contain real estate business while earning from other sectors.


Centurial scenery have not gone extinct yet. The suburbs of Tulsa still house natural green lands ventilated by trees. Homes are almost all surrounded by finely grown trees with willing buyers. A massive investment into this suburb would resort to multimillion-dollar returns annually. Moreover, people are migrating to the suburbs where the atmosphere gleams. Pensioners feel it is time to vacate the metropolis and for something more accommodating and less blatant. Yes, Catoosa is the neighborhood for pacey real estate deals and, of course, one of the best places in Tulsa.


Owasso is a suburb in Tulsa largely occupied by several professionals from various walks of life. The term ‘Owasso’ means “the end of the trail” and this literally signifies the endpoint of the rail in the suburb. The city is a perfect home to live in and to invest with high yields as returns. It is located in Rogers County and Tulsa County in the state of Oklahoma.

Owasso provides an easy connection/access to Tulsa, which is the metropolitan area of Oklahoma. It is a distance of 11.09 miles following the southwest direction. Moreover, it is one of the enchanting suburbs in Oklahoma with an attractive ambiance. A walk to the Art in Bloom would make time for feeding the eyes with the florist in Owasso.

Final Words

Investing in real estate is less competitive in the suburban regions and highly competitive in metropolitan areas. However, the suburbs of Oklahoma are fast becoming business spheres with a decent number of people beginning to migrate to the north where the environment is serene and the atmosphere balmy. Sometimes, expats are tempted to compare Tulsa with real estate in Canterbury, UK

Tulsa’s adeptness in the formulation of effective business strategies has opened the city to quite a huge number of investors flooding from several countries. This, in return, exposes the housing aspects of the city to visiting individuals and organizations who hope to acquire housing and landed properties.

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