5 Interesting Facts About New York City

5 Interesting Facts About New York City

There are many interesting facts about New York City that many people probably are not aware of. To appreciate all that the city has to offer, it is important to understand NYC culture. There are many things that you probably didn’t know about NYC.

Interesting facts about NYC

1. You can go topless in NYC – you may not see many topless people around, but it is interesting to note that it is not illegal. In 2018 NYC hosted a Go Topless Day Parade where people who wanted to participate went topless in the city.

2. The first pizzeria in the United States opened in NYC in 1895 – it is interesting to note that the price of pizzas and that of single tickets for the subway have remained around the same for half a century. This is called the pizza principle by many economists.

3. There are over 50 million books in the New York public library – if you consider yourself an avid book lover then you have to visit the public library in NYCC which has more than 50 million books.

4. Affordable accommodation – even though things are relatively expensive in NYC, you will find shared & private rooms at Outpost club, which will allow you to spend more on other things. Accommodation can be found at low prices if you are willing to look.

5. There are more than 800 languages spoken in New York city – Almost 37% of New Yorkers hail from other parts of the world, therefore it is not surprising that there are many different languages in NYC. Experts suggest that there are more than 800 different languages spoken in NYC while others say its about 200 languages. Either way, that a lot of different languages for one city.

A few more interesting things about NYC 

1. The famous Brooklyn Bridge is actually even older than Tower Bridge in London. Everyone knows the Brooklyn Bridge, it is one of the most iconic bridges in the world, so is London’s Tower Bridge. But NYC’s bridge is over a decade older.

2. Rent can average US $ 3,400 in Manhattan for a 1 bedroom but if you look around you will definitely find a few good sites for great bargains. It would be wise to save, especially if you want to move to NYC, and live in a great area.

3. New York’s Federal Reserve bank has the largest gold storage in the entire world! In the heart of the financial district of the world, Wall Street, is the largest gold storage in the world.

4. NYC is home to the world’s first underground park, the Highline which gave rise to a new park known as the Lowline. This park can be found on Manhattans West Side.

5. NYC has more than 380 000 millionaires in the city and it is home to the most billionaires in the world.

New York is an interesting place to visit and to live in, especially if you are willing to get in touch with the NYC culture. Many people find that eve though it is expensive, it is a whole new culture with exciting possibilities. 

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