5 Ways To Measure Employee Performance

5 Ways To Measure Employee Performance

A productive workforce is the backbone of a successful organization. But the question is- how to measure the performance level of employees?

Every organization should continually analyze and evaluate KRAs of employees. For those who don’t know what is KRA, it stands for the Key Responsibility Area or Key Result Area. It defines the job responsibility of employees and refers to a specific area of work for which every employee is accountable.

So, here are the 5 easy and effective ways to measure performance and know if your company is on the right track or not!


Employees who are often late or absent from work are the ones who fail to meet their performance goals. In this case, a manager should first address the underlying issue and then solve it.

The main problem with unpunctuality is that employees won’t give their 100% effort into their work and hence it should be curbed as soon as possible. Most importantly, every employee should know what is KRA; once they know its importance, trust me, they will never find reasons to be absent.

Observe Habits

Perpetual bad habits result in detracting employees. This includes indulging in workplace gossip, undisciplined behaviour, taking unwanted breaks, and also using computers/laptops for personal reasons such as online shopping.

In order to avoid these bad habits from being adopted by other employees, the manager must give clarity to every employee what is not acceptable in the workplace and the consequences of practicing them, too.

Quality of Work

Check with your employees and ensure if they know what is KRA. If employees are not aware of it, they can never deliver quality work.

Also, completing projects on/before the deadline is a key indicator to measure employee performance. You can easily measure their performance by finding answers for the following questions-

  • Is the completed work average or outstanding?
  • Are they putting maximum effort into the tasks?
  • Is their attitude impacting their ability to meet goals?
  • Do they understand their objectives?

One can find the root cause of low productivity by finding answers to these questions. 

Review Attitude

A bad attitude often manifests itself in disobedient behavior. And this is indicative that an employee cannot meet their performance objectives. It is also noticed that these employees won’t comply with the policies and disrespect employers and co-workers. This is known to be the easiest way to measure the performance of an employee.

Random Checks

Consider carrying out random checks in your company. A manager can implement it in various ways including checking and reviewing records. Also, let your employees know about this random check policy. As it will motivate them to put in consistent productivity.

Bottom Line!

An organization should measure employee performance on a regular basis. Plus, ensure encompassing every area of their work ethic as well as achievements.

Do you know what is HRMS? If your answer is no, then you better know about it. An HRMS is an excellent and easiest medium to measure the performance of your workforce.

Lastly, poor performance or bad behaviour is not a good aspect for any organization culture, hence, a manager should always have an appropriate plan to address every issue he/she discovers.

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