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How learning Spanish can change your life

How learning Spanish can change your life

Pedro Araez 611 26-Mar-2020

Perhaps one of the most exotic languages spoken across the globe, Spanish has a rhythm and life of its own. Of all the romance languages, Spanish stands out uniquely with its passionate sound owing to its soft consonants and stretched vowels.

Since Spanish has been derived from Latin, the language has a great ancient history with rich culture, literature, art and music. Spoken by approximately 420 million people all over the world, it is considered an official language in nearly 44 countries which includes the USA.

This raises the pertinent question – how does learning Spanish add value to your life? Whether you are a full-time employee or a busy student, here are some important reasons to help you make that decision to attend Spanish evening classes and become a bilingual:

Easy to learn

Considered to be an easy language for a native English speaker, the grammar rules are easy to understand and follow. Also, since English derives most of its vocabulary from Latin, it would be easy to identify and understand numerous Spanish words instantaneously. Hence, even with a rudimentary knowledge of the language, you can speak a basic level of Spanish freely.

Increasing popularity

Growing rapidly in popularity, Spanish has accumulated a loyal base of speakers across the globe over the last decade. Based on a report developed by the British Council, Spanish has been rated as the second most important language for Brits to learn which puts it ahead French, Mandarin and Arabic. Also, the Latino community in the US is predicted to be approximately 130 million by 2060 which makes U.S.A the number one Spanish speaking country globally.

Be employable

It is always great to develop expertise in second language and makes a great addition to your resume. Since organisations are increasingly making investments in largely Spanish speaking countries, learning the language would help develop a great working relationship with clients there. If you are in medical field or customer service, interacting and communicating with Spanish-speaking clients will help in offering a great client experience.

Volunteer right

Central and South America regions are home to millions who live below the poverty line and lack basic necessities. If you are looking forward to be a volunteer or part of an NGO that works for the upliftment of these countries, then learning Spanish could be really handy. Make a difference to the local’s lives by helping educate children or offering translation services.


Learning Spanish could broaden your horizons in endless ways with ability to watch and enjoy Spanish cinema being one of them. Since there are numerous award-winning movies and binge-worthy TV shows in Spanish, enjoy it in the truest sense by learning the language and do away the need to be dependent on subtitles.

Enrol today for language classes in Spanish to give your life and career an interesting twist.

Updated 08-Nov-2022

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