Different Types of Exhibition Banner Stands Offered by an Exhibition Design Company

Different Types of Exhibition Banner Stands Offered by an Exhibition Design Company

Exhibitors or participants use trade show and exhibition banner stands to promote their brand and create a long-lasting impression on the minds of their customers. It is not only affordable but an effective way to add visual impact to the exhibition or trade show display. It can also be used in various settings to spread the company’s marketing message and vision among the customers.

A professional exhibition design company offers an extensive range of banner stands that you can use while at the trade show or exhibition. These different types banner stands include the following:

# Pull-Up Banners: These are one of the most common types of banners. These are 3M high banners that provide you with an opportunity to make a high-level yet long-lasting impact during the event. These pull-up banners are not only easy to set-up but you can assemble them in the least possible time at the exhibition location. Another great benefit of using this banner is that they can easily be packed down and cover a small footprint. This means you can easily carry and transport them from one place to another.

# Grasshopper Roller Stands: The name makes them so interesting! These stands are simply perfect for those who only exhibit once or maximum twice in a year. These grasshopper roller stands can be purchased in a bundle or bought alone. It is a perfect option for those who have a restricted budget but want to spread brand awareness during an event.

# Pop-Up Banners: These pop-up banners are the best option for those who exhibit regularly as they are highly durable when compared to other types of banners available in the market. These banners are light-weighted and portable and can put a high yet long-lasting impact on the target audience.

# X-Banners: If you are looking for a cost-effective banner stand for the upcoming event, then x-banners are the right choice for you. Since these banners are light-weighted, you can easily transport them from one place to another, making them a popular choice among exhibitors. These banners are printed on the non-curl banners vinyl and lightweight fiberglass frames.

# TIRGA Banner Stands: These banners are the most stylish and modern banner stands. They are the best alternative to the standard banner stands. These TIRGA banner stands are available in 4 different shapes – concave, elliptical, convex, and flat. These stands for exhibitions and trade shows have no moving parts and last for a longer period when compared to other available options.

# Fabric Banner Stands: These are the best alternative to ‘pull-up banner stands’. These stands are made up of light-weighted aluminum poles joined together to create a base framework. These banners are printed and they slide over a cover like a pillow.

# Wave Light Tower: These banner stands are the finest option to grab the maximum eyeballs while exhibiting in the dark hall. Wave light tower is typically a backlit tower that can also be inflated in just 30 seconds. Since it can be flattened, so you can transport them easily from one spot to another. These banners come with an inner core, making them highly stable and durable to sit on without the fear of collapsing.


All these banner stands are quite effective when it comes to communicating the brand message to the attendees. However, it is extremely important to choose the right banner stand to keep your precise exhibition needs in mind. If you are exhibiting for the first time or have experience in the same but confused, then it is suggested to consult with a professional exhibition design company to find the banner stand that perfectly suits your brand and exhibition needs.

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