How Sleeping Postures and Mattress affect your Sleep?

How Sleeping Postures and Mattress affect your Sleep?

A good night’s sleep is what we all need to enjoy the best of our health. However, many things affect your sleep and keep you deprived of peaceful and undisturbed sleep. Count your sleeping posture and mattress in those factors.

Though it sounds weird, in what position you sleep and what kind of mattress you use are the two major factors that decide whether you are going to have a good night’s sleep or not. Wondering how it happens? Here is how it happens.  

Sleeping posture - The deciding factor  

There is no hidden secrete that an average adult sleeps for 8-9 hours daily. When we sleep, our body remains at work. There is maintenance work going on. Your sleep posture can either support this mechanism or hinders it in ways that are hard to imagine.  

If your body is not in ideal condition for such long hours, odds are high that you will face a stiff neck, sore back, and aching joints. Along with this, you are likely to face poor spine alignment that can lead to severe issues in the long term. Sometimes, when one body part remains in an ill-position for a long period, blood flow can be hindered and you can face the following consequences.  

Hence, it’s very important to sleep in the right posture. Now, the burning question here is:  What is the ideal sleep posture?

In general, the three most common sleeping positions are:  

Sleeping on your back – The most common and favorable out of all, sleeping on the back supports your back, neck, and spine in the best possible manner. Hence, you are not likely to face issues like joint and muscle pains when you sleep on your back. If you are suffering from acid reflux then also this sleeping position will bring ample relief to you.  

Sleeping on your side – The second most common sleeping posture is sleeping on your back. In this position also, your spine is elongated properly. Hence, you can enjoy a pain-free sleep. Also, as the airways are properly open, you are less likely to snore in this position.  

Sleeping on your stomach – The worst of all, sleeping on your stomach is something that you should avoid it as can give you bad back and neck pain. Also, your muscles bear the maximum pressure that can lead to numbing and can make you wake even in the middle of the night.  

The mattress type - Key to a peaceful sleep

When you dream of peaceful sleep, the thing that you will consider is that a mattress can ever contribute to it. But it’s true. Here is how a mattress affects your sleep and health.  

If your mattress has lost its sheen or is not the right type, you can easily experience the back and neck pain that forces you to wake up in the night. To enjoy a comfortable sleep, you must buy the best mattress online that can act as an ideal sleeping surface.   

When you lie down on your mattress, your body weight should be ideally and equally distributed. If this doesn’t happen then capillaries underneath your skin will lack oxygen and blood supply. When it happens, your mind sends a signal to your body to toss and turn.  

So, with a mattress that fails to distribute body weight properly, you are not sleeping, you are only changing position. The memory foam mattress is a great choice in this regard as it comes with the ability to distribute weight equally.  

It also comes with great motion isolation ability. So, if you are getting disturbed when your partner is changing the position, the best memory foam mattress can help you out at that time as well.  

You are also likely to wake up in the middle of the night because of sudden nose choke or blocking/sneezing if you are allergic. Some of the poor quality mattresses become a home for various kinds of allergen and increase your allergy. 

Memory foam mattress comes with very innovative construction and is made from anti-allergic material. Hence, the allergen can’t make it to your bed.  

The Final word  

The quality of our sleep decided the quality of our health and well-being. The sounder would be the sleep; the better would be our health. So, if you want to enjoy good sleep followed by good health, don’t forget to sleep in the right position and get perfect flippable foam mattress. 

The quality of our sleep decided the quality of our health and well-being. The sounder would be the sleep; the better would be our health. So, if you want to enjoy good sleep followed by good health, don’t forget to sleep in the right position and get the perfect flippable foam mattress. The material of these mattress from Nolah has microscopic air pocket layers which are free from heat-trapping and hence ideal for relaxing sleep and overall health. Consider reading reviews for Nolah air foam mattresses before you decide one finest mattress for all your needs.

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