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How To Make Your IOT App Grow Successful?

How To Make Your IOT App Grow Successful?

Techugo 610 24-Mar-2020

We cannot deny that apps have become a very integral part of our lives and its importance and usage cannot be undermined. Now with the consistent development of apps there comes the competition in the app market which directly affects the business greatly.

Does an IoT app also bear the brunt of competition?

Of course it does!

Hence, to help your mobile app to come out as a market player and offer enormous business revenue, digital presence is the best platform.

How marketing helps your IoT app?

When we talk about marketing, it is more focused on app promotion and apart from that more importantly on the connectivity and withholding the users who have already downloaded your app.

With over 2.5 million apps on the Apple App Store and nearly 3 million on Google Play, it is difficult for a potential user to get your app.

Thus, having a highly effective marketing strategy is essential for building a huge audience base for your app.

But then the Million-Dollar ‘How’ comes to your door!

The greatest thing about advertising your brand on highly popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are that by doing marketing on these platforms, they not only let you reach a lot of potential users, but also allow you to target the perfect audience for your mobile app.

There are a lot of different strategies evolved over these years for mobile app marketing such as the push notification and in-app messaging systems.

How to let your business app get effective marketing?

The focal point of every app marketing, must be around that how effectively you know your customers, the way you cater to their needs, your ability to allure and getting the customers involved with you through the app and maintaining them.

To achieve this, there are few aspects that must be addressed, such as:

Push Notifications

Push notifications are alerts that appear on a user’s mobile device home screen or lock screen. They’re similar to a text message, but the users would have to have your app downloaded on their phones in order to get the notifications.

The benefits of having this push notification feature in mobile app marketing are:

  • Gives a status update or alert (Could be of shipping confirmations or flight updates);
  • Notify users about the special offers, major new features, or a highly relevant app update;
  •  Use location to give users highly personalized messages;
  • Increases user engagement with your app–up to 88%.

Improvising the push notifications more, you can even give your users the rich push notification which not just includes any text messages but also includes an image, video or audio file.

As it’s obvious that purely text messages are boring to read and there’s no exciting element in that, which a rich push notification might have as some multimedia messages are always good to look and capture the attention.

In-App Messages

In-app messages are the messages that your users get while they are operating your app. Just like every marketing strategy this feature gives your business a strong sales point. The benefits of this are:

  •  Show product updates and other product-related information;
  •  Display confirmations on purchase and cancellations;
  •  Give personalized recommendations & suggestions based on the previous history or the searches using keywords;
  •  Help in requesting a review or rating in the respective store;
  •  Increase the time of usage of your app by the customers.

Apart from these basic marketing aspects for your IoT app, something which further hols the value, is the assistance of right mobile app development company.

Yes, an efficient app builder helps your app to improve mobile user experience and help them a comfortable transition.

Final word

One thing to keep in mind is that no matter how successful you are at marketing your app, the job is never done as the mobile app domain is dynamic and is continuously changing for the fact. Your app marketing strategies should be continuously improvised for future updates, changes, and the ways to keep customers engaged and loyal. It is quite important for you to get feedback from the customers, as then you can do the required changes and make your customers comfortable with your product or services.

Thus, it is very clear at this point, how important is mobile in the marketing and success of your company. Hence, it’s important to get the best, highly dedicated app developers to accomplish the IoT development journey, only with Techugo.

Techugo is a leading app builder in the market, and has developed some of the best app solutions for Fortune 200, Global 2000 and promising start-ups across the globe.

Ankit Singh is an ambitious entrepreneur who has set a remarkable difference in the app development turf, with his innovative ideology and creative spark. Apart from having a knack of technical advancements, he also has a taste writing and loves to share technical tips happening in the tech industry.

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