Causes of Low Back Pain for Office People

Causes of Low Back Pain for Office People

The wrong position and method of sitting at the office or at home can lead to low back pain. This condition, also known as low back pain (LBP), can result from the habit of working continuously on the computer.

Low back pain can also be caused by prolonged sitting in front of computer desk or television. It can also be due to work or studying at a table that is too low, carrying too much weight on one side of the body, it can also be due to excessive activity.

In addition, there are other causes, for example lack of warm-up before exercise and even fatigue due to too long an exercise. This is very likely to cause pain in your lower back muscles called myogenic low back pain. If it is not checked, this can lead to a new size invalidity.

The process of developing low back pain

In general, myogenic pain is low back pain. The trigger is a disorder of the muscular skeletal elements of the thoracic vertebrae at the bottom of the pelvis. Associated with tensions of the back muscles, tendons and ligaments which are generally present during excessive daily activities.

The resulting pain is dull, the intensity varies, often becomes chronic that can be spread around the buttock.

There are two classifications of the causes of low back pain based on mechanical factors. The first cause is static. Low back pain in this type occurs due to postural errors in a state that tends to remain silent for a long time, such as a head position too tilted (head position forward), shoulders bent over the front, the stomach lumbar lordosis in front and excessive.

This certainly causes tension in the lumbar muscles, so the blood supply to oxygen-deprived muscles is obstructed. Ultimately, the muscles lack oxygen, causing pain in the lower back or waist.

The second mechanical factor is dynamic. Under normal circumstances, bone movements take place and are well integrated and there are muscle and ligament limitations. In order not to cause discomfort, the movement should not be excessive.

If excessive movement can cause excessive stretching. If this is the case, it will automatically add damage that causes waist pain.

Does active movement cause waist pain?

In the United States, each year, 15 to 45% of the proportion of people affected by low back pain. The most common events experienced by people aged 35 to 55.

According to research of Back Pain Chairs Lab, about 90 percent of low back pain is caused by overuse or trauma that causes stress or strain on muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Other factors are linked to excessive and inappropriate daily activities, for example, lifting heavy loads, standing or sitting for too long in the wrong position and not being ergonomic .

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