Best Free Video Editor for Android 2020 [Full Review]

Are you looking for best free video editor for android then you are in right place. Today we will share with you best video editor of 2020 with its features.

If we talk about best video editor for android then Inshot pro is on the top list among all the free video editor for android device.

Inshot allows you to create any kind of videos such as slideshows, News videos, Funny videos etc.

Inshot Pro allow you to Cut, Trim, Split, Blur background, Add stylish text, Stickers, Emojis, Add music and stunning video effects.

Inshot pro allows you to create videos for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok etc. You can add custom sound to your videos easily or you can add your favorite song to any videos. Make birthday wishes videos and surprise your loved ones

Features of Inshot pro

Video Trimmer, Cutter, and Splitter

Inshot pro allows you to cut any part of video that you don't want into your video project. It also allows you to split the large video into short videos easily

Video Merger and Video Joiner

Inshot pro allows you to merge two video into a single video. You can repeat the video clip again and again in the video project eaisly.

Add Music

You can add your favorite music to your videos or it allows you to add your recorded audio into the video.

Video Filters and Effects

Inshot allows you to apply different filters to your videos such as Glitch effect, stop motion, Old TV, RGB, etc

Adjust video brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. Customized video filters and video effects.

Text and Stickers

You can add stylish text to your videos such as titles and captions etc.

You can add 10000+ different stickers to your videos.

You can add thousands of emojis into your videos.

Slideshow Maker

Inshot allows you to make stunning slideshows. You can add different pictures and different sound to make awesome slideshows.

Flip & Rotate Video

Rotate video by 90 degrees.

Flip video up to down or left to right.

Fast rotate video tools for video editing


IF you are looking for best free video editor for your android then inshot pro is the best one. If you are new in video editing then you should try this video editor. You can still make stunning video with this video editor 

If you are a youtuber then you should try this video editor. It allows you to create any type of video that you want. If you wan the alternative of this video editor then i wll suggest you the filmorago pro this is also a one of the best video editor for andorid.

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