Cyber Essentials - Every Business Owner Should Know

Cyber Essentials - Every Business Owner Should Know

Cybercrimes are quick and anonymous whereas leaves result in great loss and panic. It’s almost a frequent headline that hackers broke down the company’s defense and stole highly sensitive data.

Along with major co-operations, small businesses are also often the victim of data hacks and breaches. Small business does not have the capacity to withstand such below and as per studies that 60 percent of the small business shut down within six months of a cyber attack.

Another fact about cyber attacks is that only 48 percent of them are intentionally breaches and the rest 52 percent are human errors.

There are six cyber essentials that every business owner, co-operations should know especially an IT support company. These six essential tips are a gateway to protect your data and prevent threats.

Responsible Mindset:

The company may have installed the best software to secure data and keep the system bug free but the software is just a machine language incapable of taking decisions if a threat is presented. Softwares are mainly installed to alert of the breaches and staying vigilant is your responsibility. A conscious mindset and judgment for security is your biggest asset.

It is important that all accounts should be monitored and secured with a two-factor verification code.

Passport Management:

Even though passwords are considered private in both personal and professional areas and suggesting a password pattern pretty fishy to think. It is highly advisable for the management to keep a check and balance of employees' temptation or pattern of reusing the old passwords. Passwords should never be inspired by confidential and personal information.

Secure devices:

Other than never leaving your devices unattended, your employees should be aware that majority malware is spread through flash drives, external hard drives, and even smartphones. Any bug or virus in these devices can easily be switched to hack any system the device was connected to.

Email attachments and links:

This tip may sound a childish myth but clicking unprotected links and attachments in emails is one the easiest way to get a hold of your information, hack your email and use it elsewhere if nothing else. There are countless cases of illegal use and impersonate an identity to scam or blackmail an individual.

Remote Work and Cautions:

Remotely working is a common position these days. Individuals manage the whole business remotely but home/ remote connections are often unsecured especially a local wired connection to your router. Internet connections in restaurants and cafes are also highly unprotected. Whether you are self-employed or working remotely you should be aware of certain things that can and can’t be open on open or unsecured networks such as browsing on untrusted data cause interception of financial, e-commerce and other sensitive data.

Data Backup:

The data breach is not the only problem you face in case hacking. Certain hacks are done intentionally to erase the entire data from device backup. It is highly advisable to backup your data on a device otherwise not in use. The device should be used solely for important backup and shouldn’t be connected unnecessarily to computers.

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