Why us it important to learn some new skills?

Why us it important to learn some new skills?

When was the last time you decided to learn something new? Learning often associates us with school days, but it is actually a lifelong process. Although due to numerous commitments, we do not always have time to start learning a foreign language or start playing sports on a regular basis, it should be remembered that such activities can revive us. Through examples of language learning, programming, and practicing yoga, I will try to show how learning new skills positively affect all aspects of our lives.  If you'd like to read more posts like this visit my blog Classy Business Women and enjoy it. :) 

Let's learn patience

It's not easy to start from scratch, especially if we were in a situation like this for the last time during school.

Therefore, it should not surprise us that the task ahead requires a great deal of patience before the first results arrive. If it is about learning a foreign language, we need to be patient and slowly adopt the elements we need to express ourselves in a new language. Although we may want to say a lot, we will not initially have the means to achieve it. However, over time, with much patience, we will see how interesting and creative language acquisition is.

The same can be said for yoga. Although images and videos of yogis in incredible poses can be seen on the internet, through the practice of yoga we quickly realize that we must be patient with our own body and that success is not measured in comparison to others, but each is on its own unique path.

If we choose to learn the basics of programming, it will take a lot of patience until we can accomplish what we have imagined through the sometimes rigid formula language. So whatever activity you choose, we will necessarily develop patience along the path of learning, which can later help us in many other areas as well.

We learn perseverance

 It is challenging to begin with, but it is very challenging to persist in order to really tackle something.

The moment we decide to embark on a new area, we need to set ourselves a goal, but also remain realistic and humble when it comes to the path to that goal. Namely, nothing can be achieved overnight.

So, if we enrolled in a language course yesterday, we cannot expect to be able to read novels in that language in two months. However, in two months we will surely already know to introduce ourselves, to count or order coffee. Through a series of small (but again large) steps, we can see progress over time.

Something similar happens when we learn computer languages. You can't get a program that has a variety of features or looks like programs from our computers overnight. It is sufficient if at the beginning, thanks to the code we have written, exactly two numbers are added together. If we remain persistent in order to master this skill, more complex results will someday prove.

Although learning a language, whether human or mechanical, is a good example of how we learn perseverance, yoga is still the most appropriate to illustrate this. Namely, yoga has no predicted lessons or levels, nor does it have a true beginning and end. The practice of yoga should actually become a part of us, and in its essence is perseverance. If we persist in regular practice, we will discover all the benefits that this skill provides.

We are learning a different approach to the problem

Through continuous learning, we acquire a wealth of knowledge that can help us in unexpected situations and creative approaches to problems.

Through learning foreign languages, we are actually learning how to express ourselves and our ideas in a whole new way.

Thanks to the knowledge of the language, we can see that there is not one single way to convey our thoughts, but that we can come up with the same idea from different points of view. This approach should be applied in other situations as the most interesting solutions are obtained through flexible and creative observation of the problem.

On the other hand, programming requires us to create original programs through fixed formulas. Although at first glance this process does not seem to be creative, the codes can also lead to different approaches through the same goal. Like language and programming, yoga can be the right way to discover new approaches to problem-solving.

Although many choose yoga to learn how to make amazing movements, in fact, each of us is unique, which also translates to our practice. So it is not surprising that some postures are easy for some yogis, while others are very challenging. In yoga, therefore, it is necessary to make us aware of what we are doing and to see how we can approach each position so that it is in harmony with ourselves, which should be applied in other circumstances.

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Tiana Velko

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