Factors that Determine the Cost of iPhone Application Development

Factors that Determine the Cost of iPhone Application Development

After witnessing a growing demand of iPhone among users, the majority of businesses now started targeting the users to sell their products and services. And they find nothing better than iPhone applications. They of late frequently approach an iPhone application development company to create their mobile application.

How much does it cost to develop an iPhone app? Well, this is the most important question that is common among the majority of enterprises that wish to develop their business apps. It’s not easy to calculate the cost of an iPhone application before developing it. You can get answers only based on prediction. 

Top Factors that Influence the Overall Cost of iPhone App Development

Let’s discuss here some important factors that one can always take into account to predict iPhone app development cost. Take a look at some of these factors. 


While talking about some prominent factors that determine the iPhone app development cost, it’s important to start from features that have a major impact on the iPhone app development cost. The more features that an iPhone app development company integrates into your app, the more cost you have to bear for your app development. 

To ensure the success of your iPhone application, your iPhone app needs to have maximum business-centric features such as navigation facility, payment gateway, etc. In order to get more details about features for your app, you can talk to your iOS app development company. 

Team Strength

Team strength is the second most important factor that determines the overall iPhone app development cost. The ideal team structure for a basic iPhone application development consists of as a project manager, two front-end developers, a UI designer, a back-end developer, and 1 QA professionals. 

The team can be further extended based on the project size, time-frame, etc. by including more professionals. This case arises especially when you wish to develop a highly complex project within the specified time-frame. 

In this case, the iPhone application development cost tends to go up and you need to be ready to pay more cost. 

Development Hours

The total time that an iPhone app development company spends to build your mobile application also plays a significant role in determining the overall cost of app development. The app duration is also directly related to the number of developers. 

If you have a complex app development project and you wish to develop your iPhone application quickly, then your team needs more professionals to accomplish tasks quickly. As the team consisted of more professionals, the overall development cost. 

On the other hand, if you wish to have a basic team for your project, you have to pay relatively less compared to the above case. 

In this way, the total development hours have a major impact on your iPhone app development cost. 

Other Expenses

While developing an iPhone application for your business, you will not only have to bear the expenses of the cost related to development only. You have to also bear some miscellaneous expenses that occur while app development. 

Along with the development cost, you also need to bear the cost of the app store optimization campaign and also several other marketing efforts that need to give a kick start of your mobile apps once it is developed. 

There are a number of business applications that need cloud hosting, backend server, etc. These are some miscellaneous expenses that you also need to be ready to bear. You will be able to get complete detail of these miscellaneous expenses, once you choose an iPhone application development company

Your service provider will give you all the details related to additional charges that will be added to your app development cost. 

Location of Developers

The location of developers also tend to increase or decrease your iPhone app development cost, especially if you hire them on an hourly basis. If you hire the US-based iPhone app developers, you need to be ready to pay them $60 to $260 per hour. On the other hand, if you hire India based developers, they charge between $20 to $70. 


iPhone app has become the most preferred choice among businesses be it startups and enterprises as it is developed with many business-friendly features that help your enterprises grow. All you need to do is to get in touch with a reliable iPhone app development company that promises you to build a great app based on your business requirements.

Last updated:6/26/2020 3:02:51 PM
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