How to Choose a Dog House

How to Choose a Dog House

Whether it is winter or summer, your dog will need a proper house to keep it happy and healthy in all conditions. Choosing the best dog house will require some thinking and planning to get the right house for your dog. So how do you choose a dog house? Well, below I will guide you on how you can select the right house for your cuddly friend.


The first thing you should think of is the size of your dog. The home you will choose will depend on the size of your dog. This is very important because your dog will need a comfortable house it can lie down in and also be able to enter in comfortably.

However, it shouldn’t be too large again because the additional space will end up wasting its body heat. Therefore, you have to know your dog size to pick the perfect house size.

Material of the house

To select the best dog size, you have to consider the material used to make the house. The most recommended material options are plastic and wood. A dog house made from wood tends to provide the best insulation from cold as well as heat.

Wood also makes the house sturdy and in case you are building the house yourself it is easy to work with. However, it tends to absorb odors, hard to move because they are heavy, not durable and it attracts termites.

Plastic material on the other hand is durable, easy to clean, comes in different styles and won’t absorb the dog’s odor. It also has downsides like temperatures tend to fluctuate more and it will bleach when exposed to too much sunshine.

When choosing one of these materials, you need to weigh your options well to see which one will favor your dog most.


Choose a dog house that comes with a floor that is raised a little or better yet thicker one. This will ensure that cold from the ground isn’t transferred to your dog.

I also recommend one that is raised at the rear other than the front to ensure that water is drained in case it gets inside.

The roof

When it comes to the roof design, it is advisable to opt for one that is slanted so that water can run off easily. It must also be insulated and shingled in one way or the other.

When you add any extra accessories such as dormers and gables, they may end up making the roof leak. They may be nice but you need to ensure that they are fitted well to avoid future leaks.

The door

The door on the house you choose must be able to fit your dog size. In case you have got two dogs of different sizes, choose a house with a door that will accommodate your biggest dog.

Also, the door way must be just like those of your home, equipped with a wind breaker to keep your dog safe from drafts and also allow it have easy access in and out.


When you are going to purchase a dog house, you need to consider the above factors. They are very crucial if you are looking to give your best friend a warm and comfortable home. Remember that the size of one house will not fit all kinds of dogs.

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