VPN for iPhone: Things You Should Know

VPN for iPhone: Things You Should Know

When there is a release of a new iPhone, lovers of Apple runs behind it. The Apple products price are super crazy, but still it breaks records after records. Why everyone goes for Apple products especially for iPhone. There are two possible reasons behind this: 

1. Product Quality

2. Better Security

Apple consumers believe that, iPhone provides better security than Android as it can be locked using ‘iCloud’. But as An iPhone lover you should know that, even iPhone’s security can be at risk if the user fails to keep information secure and previously we have seen that, many iPhone has been jailbroken or used bypass technologies have been be used again by someone other than owner.

How VPN Secures Your iPhone?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is the extra layer of security the world of 2020 are using. VPN creates a mask over your current identity and secures your information from being exposed.

How VPN Works? After connecting your iPhone to a VPN software of you manually configure your iPhone, when you connect to internet, your public IP address and geolocation reach VPN servers. VPN servers encrypt the data and hides your information, then sends to the original server where it decrypts and your request has been answered by the original server.

So, whenever someone tries to know your public IP address and geolocation for stealing information, he gets masked IP and geolocation, not the actual one and saves you from possible attack or hacking.

How to Connect to VPN on iPhone?

There are several ways you can use VPN for iPhone. The ways could be summarized in three common groups:

1. Installing an Third Party App that will provide you VPN service. The applications could provide you either free or paid VPN services. I prefer using paid services as I believe, There’s nothing free in this world. If you get it free, then possible the VPN service provider is stealing your information(My thinking!!). The app can follow the procedures needed to set up a VPN in Ios and can help you to complete the complex task of settings to do easily with clicks only. You can get VPN apps in the app store.

2. You can use the VPN service provided by your company or employer. It may be needed to manually configure the service.

3. You can set up your own VPN server and use that server to hide your identity.

People believe that the iPhone’s security is unbreakable, but all operating systems have pros and cons. Although ios are better in terms of security than Android, although it is always a good practice to keep your data secure and safe by keeping your identity anonymous by using VPN technology.

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