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How is AI going to change digital marketing in 2020?

How is AI going to change digital marketing in 2020?

IP Media 485 01-Mar-2020

 In Digital Marketing brands are connecting with the audiences and AI is the best way to do that.

The things which were done by the human mind are now transforming to machines and can be done in a fast and efficient manner like visual perception, translations, decision making, etc. by the end of this year, 40% of digital transformation services will use artificial intelligence, and by 2025, the AI industry will grow to $190 billion. 

Artificial Intelligence helps in optimizing the user experience in an efficient manner which is the basic need of digital marketing. the basic example is using Chatbots in the place of the human executive which is a 24/7 service that will automatically increase the productivity of the organization. 

Another example of AI in digital marketing is Personalized content that is created according to the preferences of the customers. This is done by tracking the behaviors of the customers so that brands can showcase their products and services according to the interest of the customers. 

The main objective of any organization is increasing the profit and reducing the cost. Artificial intelligence is simultaneously helping businesses drive revenue and save money. Businesses that implement AI see 59% better close rates, 58% increased revenue, 54% more traffic and engagement, and 52% more conversions.

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