Best Gym Strength Equipment Buying Guide

Best Gym Strength Equipment Buying Guide

Most gym equipment buyers are intent on getting the best price, so long as the quality is acceptable. There is often little concern whether the equipment has an original design. However, originality of design is critical when selecting the ideal piece of strength equipment.

So, what do we mean by original design?  

We don’t mean that the equipment must have new functions which people have NEVER seen in any other fitness machines. The core fitness theories that are grounded in mechanics, ergonomics, mechanical engineering and materials science dictate that the main functions and structures are bound to be similar. 

The originality comes in the details of appearance or the unique combination of features. A supplier who is willing to spend time and cost on originality is more trustworthy and has a higher pursuit of quality than a copying-and-pasting company who dispatches drawing designers to a gym to gather the physical data of each piece of equipment. 

Yanre Fitness only produces 100% original equipment. Here is one of our product design graphs:

Best Gym Strength Equipment Buying Guide

Tip #1:

Check whether the company has an R&D center to design its own strength equipment. Communicate with the designers about their specific design concepts. 

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- Movement Angle

The movement angle of the piece of equipment is its most important feature. It will determine the user’s training effect, safety, and overall experience. In fact, the movement track is the soul of the strength machine. The ideal movement angle makes it easy to get started and gradually master the optimum force method. It can also prevent training injuries and place the full focus of effort on the target muscle.

Fitness professionals are instinctively able to judge the movement angle by using the equipment. They will know by the feel whether the movement angle is ideal or not. Less experienced buyers will need to focus on other factors to determine to ideal movement angle. 

Here are a couple of things to focus on when visiting the factory of the supplier: 

#Tip 2:

Talk to the designers in the R&D center. Be prepared to discuss fitness theories and whether they are appropriate for gym equipment. Designers who do work with gym equipment are more likely to design professional machines than those who don’t. 

#Tip 3:

Be sure to try the fitness equipment yourself. You need to experience the following 3 aspects: 

Whether it is smooth to use; if not, there may be something wrong with the movement angle. 

Whether it is isolating your targeted muscle when using specific equipment. For example, a machine that specializes in triceps, should provide a contraction in all three heads of the triceps, without any uncomfortable and painful feeling in other parts of the body.

For converging and diverging equipment, confirm whether there is a peak contraction experience.

Best Gym Strength Equipment Buying Guide

Best Gym Strength Equipment Buying Guide

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