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Why OMR technology is the leading preference for all educators?

Why OMR technology is the leading preference for all educators?

Richa Ahuja 604 28-Feb-2020

The education industry is vast and has got significant importance in the lives of educators as well as students. Encompassing its various learning and examination activities without the backup of technology brings stagnation to the growth of both the knowledge seeker and the one who is imparting. In the present time, OMR software is being included in many schools, colleges and universities to revamp the instructional framework with its multiple advancements. It is becoming the main source to automate paper-based tests in the survey industry, study centers, government, private organizations, and PSU.

Why OMR technology is the leading preference for all educators?

In any educational sector be it coaching center, school or college, instructors are the main drivers of growth and if they are provided with the power of technology then the result can be wonders. OMR software has got countless features that have been designed to cater to the requirement of educators in many ways. 

Ultimate Accuracy

The biggest advantage of using any form of technology is its accuracy. Especially in the case of OMR software, accuracy matters a lot. It is responsible to design, print, scan, read and evaluate the OMR sheet which is throughout a process that requires accuracy.  

Super speed 

In the educational sector, there are various tasks that come with fixed deadlines such as assessment evaluation, form processing, etc. Meeting those deadlines through manual means is not impossible but it will definitely have a lot many errors. OMR sheet checker is fast to check sheets and forms and can read up to 300 sheets in a minute. Eliminating the drawback of error and increasing the speed by tenfold… OMR software is a sure benefit when it comes to meeting deadlines with accuracy.  

Cost-effective technology

Think of all the money that goes into the conventional test method and form processing. You spend on loads of manpower and arrange for expensive logistics and yet, in the end, you get what? Pending deadlines, a lot of money gone and added stress! 

OMR software is just what you want to get your work done at half cost without any error. It can be easily installed on the computer and then you can design, print, scan, read and evaluate as many OMR sheets as you want.  

You can use any scanner

We do agree that earlier OMR technology was not that cost-effective and the user had to spend a whopping amount in getting themselves those bulky and expensive OMR scanners. But, now the times have changed! Making technology as comprehensive as possible is what every industry is aiming at. Now you don’t have to rely on a specific OMR scanner, any scanner such as flatbed, ADF, and MFP can be attached with the software to scan the OMR sheets. 

Use of AI technology

To bring OMR software to its best of efficiency it has been integrated with the features that are backed by AI technology. Some of these features are-

  • It can highlight fault in the answer key which can be then changed manually.
  • It can detect cheating
  • It can detect the repetition in the forms and fields
  • It can also re-read faulty files

Variety of OMR sheet designing tools and templates

Designing part of the OMR sheet is not at all difficult! You get the option of specific free designing tools as well as pre-made templates which you can also customize to suit your requirement. It is very easy to use those tools and you even get guidance through prompts and instructions.

Unique barcode identification

You can label every OMR sheet with a unique identity through 1D, 2D barcodes and QR codes. Also, the OMR sheet reader is capable of reading these barcodes and generating the data accordingly.


Anybody who has been through the stress of manually entering the data knows what a pain it is. With OMR software you don’t have to go through all of it anymore. OMR software can easily sort the data in the pre-defined areas and columns…all you have to do is to import the data to an excel file or any other format where the data can be stored for future use.


OMR software can be easily used even by a layman who doesn’t hold any specialty in using the software. The complete platform comes with “easy-flow” features and you are guided on every step through prompts and a separate guideline.


With so many facilities that too at such affordable cost, it is more than reasonable to seek such a technology. OMR software is definitely the best method for all educators to simplify their tasks and bring accuracy to it.

All the above-mentioned benefits make it evident why OMR software is becoming the mainstream technology in so many educational domains as an alternative to tedious paper-based tests.

Updated 24-May-2020
Richa Ahuja is a passionate writer cum blogger and working in this field from past 5 years. She has been an integral part of various researches and surveys that showcase the educational front of the world.

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