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How to Research the companies Before Applying to their Open Positions

Amy Walsh 492 27-Feb-2020

Finding more information about a company is of crucial relevance when applying for a job position. However, it can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know the right place to begin the search. With appropriate tools, researching a company will consume less time.

In this guide, we explore some of the best places to find all the relevant information about a company. You’ll also get to understand the reasons for researching companies and the things you need to consider during the research.

Reasons to Research about a Company

Most people research companies to find out if they can fit in the company. However, they tend to forget checking if the company will fulfill their needs and expectations. Here are some of the reasons why you should research a company before applying.

• Helps you find the right company that’s in your field of choice

• You will get to know the job openings available in a company

• Allows you to tailor your resume to meet the requirements of an open position

• Provides insights into what a particular job opening entails

• You can predict the types of questions that the interviewer will ask in a job interview

• You’ll understand the company’s culture, reputation, and work environment

Things to Look for When Researching about a Company

All companies have different organizational structures and terms and conditions. So, you need to compare the terms of each company with job openings to select one that will best suit your needs. Here are some of the factors to consider during the search.

Organizational Structure: You need to check where an open job position appears in a company’s organizational structure. It will help you determine whether you will be a senior or junior employee when you get the job.

Company Values: You should find out what the company plans to achieve within a particular duration. Also, try to figure out what they are passionate to fulfill. The company’s mission statement can be of crucial relevance in this case.

Company’s Culture: During the search, check on how a company accomplishes tasks. Figure out the work-life balance of different levels of employment, including the position you want. Besides, find more information on their work environment.

Growth Opportunities: A good company should offer workers an opportunity to advance their careers. Try to check if there's a chance to get promoted to a better position when you perform exceptionally.

Where to Research about a Company

You can learn about a company using various ways, including searching for information on the internet. Here are some of the best ways to research a company.

1. Read Online Reviews

One of the most reliable ways to research a company is by reading online reviews. You will get to know what past and present employees say about a company with open positions. Besides, the information displayed in review platforms is unbiased.

Many online review websites provide information about companies, such as In such sites, past employees share their work experiences in a particular company. You’ll also get to learn about a company’s culture.

2. Company’s Website

Almost every company has a website where they post open job positions and future projects. When you visit a company's website, you'll find out their background information, mission statement, core values, and structure. Besides, you’ll also know the products and services that the company offers.

3. Social Media Platforms

Some companies have created pages on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where you can learn about a company's culture. In many cases, companies use social media platforms to post their recent developments and achievements. Check on how they interact with customers and followers.

4. Inquire from Present Employees

You can approach one of the employees in a company that has open job positions and inquire about the company's culture and values. You can also find out how they treat employees. However, if you can't reach such people physically, you can search for them on networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Final Words

Now that you understand how to research a company, you can begin your search and select a company that will fulfill all your needs. When submitting your application, remember to update your resume by highlighting all your strengths and experiences. Try to make it look more professional to increase the chances of getting the job.

Updated 27-Feb-2020
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